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Statement Of Purpose: I Wish To Study Biochemistry

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"So, what do you want to be when you grow up?" I have been constantly faced with this question throughout my life, whether it be from my guidance counselors, or an estranged relative that attempts to create conversation while they are visiting. When I was a young girl, I would always reply, "I wanna be a ballerina, or a superhero, like Batman!" As I grew older, my imagination lessened and I became more serious about figuring out what I want do when I grow up. I constantly meet with my guidance counselors and talk with my family about the SAT's and ACT's and how my grades will affect the colleges that I would like to attend once I graduate. Over the past few months I have painstakingly ...view middle of the document...

A few of the skills needed for being a successful geneticist are reading comprehension, elocution, science, critical thinking, leadership, writing, and active listening. Although being a geneticist is a typically independent career path, geneticists still need to have the ability to communicate with their patients, coworkers, and sponsors who fund their research. Before looking into the field of genetics, the schooling necessary in order to acquire a job needs to be discussed.
There is a large amount of schooling that comes with the occupation of a geneticist. As expected, taking many math and science classes, especially biology and chemistry, in high school are a necessity for having a good preparation and background in the field of not only genetics, but also biochemistry as a whole for college ("Genetics"). In college geneticists have to study mainly computer science, microbiology, biology, chemistry, and biochemistry due to the fact that genetics is not typically something that a college student can major in for their undergraduate degree. After obtaining a Bachelors degree in biology, chemistry, or biochemistry, aspiring geneticists will have to go on to, preferably, earn both a Masters and Doctorate degree in genetics. Although it is possible to stop attending school after earning a Masters degree, students are encouraged to go on to earn a PhD and MD in order to open up more job opportunities in the field of genetics. For a clinical molecular geneticist, in order to become qualified for a career, it is expected that applicants have a Doctorate degree in genetics ("Medical Geneticists"). According to the American Board of Medical Genetics, a clinical molecular geneticist or any laboratory-based geneticist needs the "completion of full-time training in an ABMG-accredited, 2-year laboratory genetics postdoctoral training program in one of the clinical laboratory specialties," ("Training Requirements").
Once in the workforce, geneticists can make between $39,870 and $134,770 annually, the median salary being $72,590 ("Medical Geneticists"). In the United States, the states that are projected to grow in the field of genetics, more so than the other states, are Washington, California, Texas, Florida, and Maryland ("Geneticists", My Future). According to, "Vacancies in the field of genetics have increased 16.23% in the last ten years." There is a very good job outlook in genetics, considering it is a growing field ("Geneticists", Recruiter). The one major con that would come along with pursuing the career of a geneticist is the cost of schooling. As previously stated, not only will I have to earn my Bachelor's degree, but also my Masters and Doctorate in order to have a chance at being hired as a clinical molecular geneticist. This would leave me with a lot of debt. Thankfully, the pros of choosing to pursue this career obliterate the cons. A geneticist receives a good salary that would pay off the debts left behind from...

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