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Statement Of Purpose: M.S. City Planning.

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Urban Planning is about places for people. It is about their creation, their function, their maintenance and their improvement .Cities and towns are the basic building blocks of modern society, operating as centers of commerce and trade, government and politics, and knowledge and culture. Well- planned, efficient cities provide healthy and attractive environment for people to live, work and play.

Indeed, many global cities face compelling urban planning issues like urban sprawl, population, low density development, overuse of non-renewable natural recourses, social inequities and environmental degradation. These issues affect the cities themselves, the adjacent regions and often even globally. The resulting ecological footprint upsets the balance in adjacent rural and natural areas. Unplanned or organic development leads to urban sprawl, traffic problems, pollution and slums (as evident in the case of Mumbai city). Such unplanned development causes solid waste management and water supply to fall inadequate. Urban sprawl gives rise to low density development and car dependent communities, consequently leading to increased urban flooding, low energy efficiency, longer travel time and destruction of croplands, forests and open spaces for development.

Ryerson University’s Master of Planning program is fully accredited by the Canadian Institute of planners and the Ontario Professional Planners Institute. The program and the curriculum focus on cultural and environmental issues in planning, consists a core sequence of design studios, electives and a major research paper or project. Moreover, the program of your esteemed university guarantees an in-depth urban planning degree through a combination of research, study and experiential learning modes. The design studios will facilitate critical inquiry into complex planning problems that may be physical, spatial, cultural, ecological and economic in nature. The program focus is on sustainable urban development; the restructuring, regeneration and revitalization of existing metropolitan areas. This objective shall be accomplished by providing a combined multicultural and ecological framework of study. The skills of defining problems, analyzing situations, making plans, implementing strategies while imperative for planners, communication remains one of the most sought after skill in planners. Communication involves many linked activities including listening, questioning, negotiating, interpreting, visualizing, presenting, and understanding. I am convinced that the design studio and internship experiences will help me realize these prerequisites. The curriculum design approaches for contemporary metropolitan regions through which will help me to gain an understanding of current urban dynamics, both local and global.

Ryerson University’s SURP has a highly qualified and diverse faculty. This will give me the opportunity to interact with distinguished and learned professionals. Ryerson...

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