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Statement Of Purpose Ph D Economics

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My first realization of an economic issue occured 12 years ago when I moved from Lisbon to São Paulo, Brazil. In many aspects the differences between the two countries were striking, and I was particularly shocked when I learned that brazilian minimum wage was one fifth that of the portuguese. At the time, I questioned how two countries could have such different minimum wages and subsequently how Brazilians survived with such low income.

Throughout the years I continued to see these economic contrasts originating from my experience with Portugal and Brazil were also present in other dimensions ranging from quality of public transportation, the average levels of education, and the functioning public health systems, among others. The concious awareness of these countless economic systems in everyday life has cummulated my interest in this field and following high school, economics was a natural choice for undergraduate studies.

Upon entering at São Paulo School of Economics (EESP-FGV), I realized that answering my simple curiosity on minimum wage differences through economics was much more complex than thought. Economics became a powerful tool for me through which I could study broad and complex cross-country variations such as minimum wages as well as more focused issues explaining average levels of education. Looking back my path of choosing economics has been challenging, interesting, and exciting. With continued momentum from my previous training, I am eager to continue to learn and contribute to this field in the future with my colleagues.

During my undergraduate studies, I trained in and acquired solid knowledge in both micro and macroeconomic theory as well as statistics, econometrics and mathematics. Parallel to the coursework, I conducted several extracurricular activities that allowed me to experience economics from different perspectives and in various capacities. I started as a Research Assistant with the Center for Applied Macroeconomics (CEMAP), updating databases and preparing weekly presentations on inflation and monetary policy. The experience was a great opportunity not only to learn data technicalities for applied work, but, foremost, the contact with senior researchers in the weekly meetings sparked my interest for economic research.

Further, during this time I had the opportunity to work on a consultancy project for Pragma Heritage, work as a Teaching Assistant and as a Research Assistant to professor Rogério Mori, write articles for the economic press and - the experience that I would classify as a life-changing, my research internship with Pragma Heritage.

During the internship I worked under the supervision...

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