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Statement Of Research Interest Essay

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My long term goal is to become a renowned Environmental Professional. Thus, I am writing to express my interest in pursuing Master’s degree in Sustainable Environmental Management (M.SEM). I am enthusiastic on the prospect of broadening my knowledge of the complex nature of environmental and sustainability challenges through research and learning

In the course of my undergraduate studies, courses like environmental impact assessment, principles of natural resources, environmental law, environmental auditing, environmental monitoring systems and techniques have broadened my knowledge of Environmental Management. My abilities in report writing, independent research and presentation were ...view middle of the document...

Environmental Assessment (EA) offers opportunities for incorporating social, economic and environmental link into the design of sustainable processes leading to more sustainable development and improved resources utilization. I am interested in how to sustainably manage resources while simultaneously reducing excessive resource depletion and promoting sustainable development.

In the quest to experience first rated research exposure, University of Saskatchewan comes first to mind as it is currently one of the fastest developing research hub among the top ranked universities in Canada for quality and extensive research education. The School of Environment in its interdisciplinary approach offers a unique learning environment where I can incorporate knowledge from various disciplines in identifying and resolving of environmental issues. Working with world renowned environmental assessment professional like Professor Bram Noble who holds a Governor General medal for his work in Environmental Assessment and other great minds like Professor Ken Belcher, and Dr Jill A.E Gunn gives me more confidence that this program will...

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