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Statement Of Research Proposal. Essay

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My research interests aim towards designing and planning Eco-friendly model urban habitations, with an innovative physical and social infrastructure to meet the residential, commercial and industrial needs of the present and future population. This includes urban spatial planning, focused on the complex relationship between urbanized land use and human settlements. I am particularly interested in the revitalizing and development of projects in the downtown area of cities, which aim at creating urban environments that are safe, functional and ecologically sustainable. I am interested in researching the way in which existing development can be modified for the incorporation of substantial design and smart growth policies-essentially infill, urban renewal and mixed use development. Furthermore I aim to research in the ways of making suburban communities less polluted and less dependent on private automobiles by providing sophisticated transportation ,environmental and land use planning.

India is welcoming world economies and is undergoing a transformation. There is an ever increasing need for new urban patterns of living to house these economies. Cidco, the town planning organization created by the government of Maharashtra, has begun the development of several satellite city nodes like Kharghar, Ulwe, Dronagiri, Khopta,etc. Cidco formed the NAINA department (Navi Mumbai Airport Influence Area) for the undertaking of the Navi Mumbai International Airport. The total area under NAINA is around 600 NAINA is responsible for the revision of the Master Plan ,the Development plan of Navy Mumbai; recasting it in view of the airport development, thereby avoiding unplanned haphazard growth around the proposed airport. It is my goal to be a part of India’s urban transformation, as a city planner.

My academic and professionl experience ,has given me a fair amount of exposure to urban planning. For...


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