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Statement Of The Problems Essay

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English is an international language that is used by the majority countries in communication, business, education, diplomacy, technology, and international organizations. Many countries agree to use English as a global language (Graddol 2006:87). Speakers who are using English more other languages to be the center of communication around the world. The globalization of English influences Thai education; consequently, Thai speakers cannot deny all significant trends around the country. However, we must survive in the competition with others, English language is thus necessary in education. It is a key to improve students’ language knowledge (Paradapat 2011). Thailand uses English ...view middle of the document...

They may not acknowledge using English as an international language, and they may make legislation against English because having a high ego appears on their own language (Suntaree Komin, 1991). Having a high ego in Thai language is the first problem that hinders the ability of Thai speakers to speak English.
A Khamkhien (2010) stated that Thai students cannot communicate in English because it is difficult and English is not their own native language. On the other hand, the difficult stems from some of Thai speakers do not have enough confidence to speak English. They deny speaking especially people in non English major. Sanguansat (1982) proved that Thai students are lack of confidence in speaking English because they do not want to make any mistakes. Moreover, there are some theories supports the unsuccessfully learning and teaching English. (Dhanasobhon, 2006; ONEC, 2003; Wiriyahitra, 2002, cited in Biyaem, 1997). Dhanasobhon, (2006) and ONEC, (2003) stated that teachers are lack of teaching technique and insufficient of trained teaching. Additionally, students do not have a chance to use English outside the classroom, they also study in very big classes that mixing with different ability, and teachers cannot encourage students to pay attention in learning. In addition, Wiriyahitra (2002, cited in Biyaem, 1997) mentioned the causes of difficulty in learning and teaching English that teacher do the heavy teaching in class, insufficient classroom’s equipment and lacking of technology in education, inadequately western culture knowledge, and the difficultly of university entrance exam. Furthermore, students also have problem in learning English because of these causes. First, Thai students do not have opportunity to use English because of Thai environment. Second, English lessons are bored and they cannot motivate students to learn. Third, students are shy and lack of confident to speak English in classroom. Fourth, students are not diligent for learning, Wiriyahitra (2002, cited in Biyaem, 1997).
These problems also affect students at Chana Pollakan Technological College Nakhon Ratchasima. The researcher finds that students cannot speak English even though they learn English. Students are lack of confident and they are shy to speak English. Moreover, they do...

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