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The Top 10 Most Dangerous States in US 2014

The saying goes “better safe than sorry”. But when was the last time you checked how safe is the State you live in? With the national crime rate increasing over 1% annually, crime remains a big concern for many States in the US. Every year, the FBI compiles statistics of crime in the United States and the most violent of them include murder, robbery, rape and aggravated assault. With Tennessee and Nevada topping the list of most dangerous States, it’s always best to identity where you would be most vulnerable.

So do you live among Top 10 most dangerous states of US in 2014? See this list to find out.

10. Oklahoma
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7. Louisiana
People get attracted to Louisiana due to its festivals like Mardi Grass. However, due to high levels of poverty, crime statistics in Louisiana portray a dark picture due to significantly high rates of murder, violent crime and property crime. Murder rate in Louisiana is the main contributor for it being positioned at number 7 among the Top 10 Most Dangerous States in US in 2014.

6. Delaware
Known for higher household income rates in the country and lower poverty rates, Delaware also carries the burden of some poorest neighborhoods like Wilmington which contribute to a high ranking in crime statistics. With aggravated assault and property crime rate being among the worst in the country, Delaware is at number 6 of the Top 10 Most Dangerous States in US in 2014.

5. South Carolina
South Carolina ranks fifth in this list as well as the nation’s highest violent crime rate. A poverty rate of over 18% and low education levels in the State seem to be the main contributors for high crime. Though manufacturing giants like Boeing and BMW have opened facilities in South Carolina, its high crime rate is something this State will not be proud of.

4. New Mexico
The number of murders and violent crimes per capita in New Mexico are higher than all other southwest states. New Mexico is not among the rich state and has significant drug usage which seems to be a factor for it being ranked fourth in violent crimes and forcible rape. All this has a negative impact on the quality of life of the people who call New Mexico home.

3. Alaska...

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