States Rights In The Civil War.

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The states secession from the union was a very controversial issue during the Civil war. Some people believe it was the rights of the states under the Constitution to seceded from the union when others believed it was unconstitutional and the states were wrong in doing so. What it all comes down to is the rights that the constitution gave to the states and whether or not their secession was justified. I believe it was. The relationship that the states had with the Union, sectionalism and the equal rights and sovereignty the states possessed justifies their actions and caused the secession of the southern states to occur.The states did not begin and were not created under the union, the states are the ones that formed the union and that section of the government. The powers of the union are listed in two ways. The first power of the union has to do with the people and their government and secondly the power between the states the government of the union. Each power of the government was formed and written under that constitution. Each state though under the same constitution acted in their own and separate way from one another. Though the two divisions of power of the government are different they both get their rights and powers from the same place and are still under the control of the same authority.The state government was formed before the union meaning that it was already organized and developed. So they union was formed basically to satisfy one common relationship and purpose between all the states. Each person of the state hold their own rights separate from those of the union.The creation of the constitution is an important aspect in why the states seceded from the union. Though the states created the constitution they faced trade and commercial regulations. Each state ratified the constitution at different times, the Constitution then became a very important document during this time. Each state acted separately and claimed no right or control over any other state. Therefor each state had to right to remain out of the union for that period of time. North Carolina is one of the Southern states that choose this right. North Carolina decided to remain out of the union until it became a more organized and sufficient government.The basic idea though was how the Constitution written by the states would interpret. The idea that "Congress should be granted all the powers necessary and proper" for carrying the specified powers into effect" was constructed by the Federalists of the Hamiltonians. The idea that power under the Constitution would be reserved to the states was the idea of Thomas Jefferson and his followers. The ideas of both these parties differed causing the Alien and Sedition acts along with the Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions.In 1860 when the States seceded from the union many said that the constitution was inconsistent when it came the idea of states rights. Many argued the ideas that the constitution did not touch on the idea...

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