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Static Analysis Of A Source Code

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The main purpose of performing a static analysis of a source code as far
as web applications auditing is concern is to detect vulnerability. This article
describes therefore an algorithm proposal that will be used to examine two main
PHP source code potential vulnerabilities; LFI (Local File Inclusion) and RFI
(Remote File Inclusion). The approach will be as follow, a denition of the pat-
tern used to nd such les function whose potential for abuse is very high as a
result of having user inputs that are unhandled, is rst made. In specic terms,
to detect the vulnerability of this pattern utilizes normal expressions which are
deemed as a fast and uncomplicated technique. In this process some result we
call false positive (FP) will result as a consequence of using, in a safe way, in-
clusion function. The resultant FP's to begin with may come about since this
function's arguments are not part of those variables supplied by the user. To de-
tect the vulnerability in the code lines therefore, an extract of all those variables
supplied by the user is made. Just like a multi-level assignment, vulnerability
on the other hand would spread mound the variables hence also prompting the
extraction of hidden user supplied variables. So in order to decrease these FP's
another pattern denition is made in order to establish a means of vulnerability
prevention of the inclusion functions.
Despite permitting the generation of extensively used dynamic codes and
indirection multi levels as far as function access and variables are concerned, the
results in a number of similar projects bring to the light that many presented
problems using this approach can be detected and eliminated. This is in spite of
static analysis lacking the ability to cover the application functionality in whole
as a result of the complexity of PHP code.
PHP Vulnerabilities
Originally having been designed for the production of dynamic web pages
PHP in its evolution has come to incorporate command line interface ability
and can also be utilized in graphical applications that are stand alone. PHP, a
computer scripting language, specically suit for wed development is a broadly
used general-purpose scripting language. NetCraft states that there is huge em-
inent progress as far as the use of PHP in web applications is concerned (this
point is given weight by the diagram in Figure 1). However, various weaknesses
and vulnerabilities have with time been reported in PHP. Some of these vul-
nerabilities may have unrealized impacts while others provide a means through
which malicious people exploits hence compromising the security of sensitive in-
formation and making user authentication very dicult. These vulnerabilities
include but not limited to; RCE, SQL...

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