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Statisticians Essay

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Statisticians must use mathematical techniques to analyze data and overcome problems in data collecting. Many economic, political, military, etc. decisions rely on the data organized by statisticians. These are the people who design different surveys and experiments, and then collect the data received. Based on the data collected, they give suggestions on a variety of things, such as the predicted demand for various products. Teamwork and good communicational skills are a key to becoming a successful statistician, because they must work together when discussing the outcomes of surveys.
If a person wants to become a statistician, it is recommended that one would take a statistics class in ...view middle of the document...

A significant field one might enter into is the federal, state, or local government. Nearly every government and federal agency hires statisticians. They may acquire the job of developing or analyzing surveys that measure things such as, job estimates, wages, or unemployment. While others may deal with disease, or endangered species. Many federal statisticians are employed at the Bureau of the Census, Economic Analysis, Labor Statistics, or the National Agricultural Statistical Service. These federal government statisticians are known as mathematical statisticians, they create different models for purposes such as filling survey gaps from non-responses to stay clear of bias in the survey. Finally, agencies in the National Defense hire statisticians to use computers to test different defense strategies.
While many statisticians are hired by the government, a good amount are employed by private businesses, for example they may be employed by pharmaceutical or insurance companies. For instance, if someone were to work for a pharmaceutical agency, he would work together with scientists to create and test medications to be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. On the other hand he...

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