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Running head: ANOVA

Running head: ANOVA


The Army has hired Research Team Bravo to run tests to compare the graduation rate of its flight school graduates to the graduates background.


In the Army, pilots go through flight school to become pilots of the Army's large number of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. All the students are either college graduates, from the civilian world (high school to flight school), or are current members of the military. All successful applicants, whether they are college graduates, "high school to flight school", or current military members attend the same flight school and are mixed together in the same classes. There has always been a friendly rivalry between the three populations of students on who graduates at the highest levels and who is on the bottom of the totem pole. Research Team Bravo has been hired to run an ANOVA test on Army flight school graduation rates and to see if there is a difference in the mean success rate of the students that graduate flight school who come from the three aforementioned backgrounds or if they are the same.

In order to run an ANOVA test three assumptions must be made, the populations are independent, the populations have equal standard deviations, and the populations follow the normal distribution. Because the Army flight school question posed meets all the criteria for an ANOVA test; the decision has been made to move ahead with our research. The hypothesis statement is as follows
the mean scores are not equal. We also decided on the .05 level of significance for this ANOVA test. In order to conduct this test we first had to randomly select four graduating flight school classes and collect their graduation rates of students that are high school to flight school, college graduates, and current military members.

The flight school graduation rates of the four classes were as follows: Class 1, 95% of college graduates, 93% of high school, and 92% of military. Class 2, 95% of college graduates, 97% of high school, and 96% of military. Class 3, 92% of college grads, 94% of high school, and 93% of military; Class 4 had 95% of college grads, and 96% of both high school and military.


Since we now have the graduation rates for the three types of students in the four classes we can test to see if there is any variance in the graduation rates. We will compare the average graduation rates for all four classes and test the different types of students. This will tell us what, if any, difference having a college degree or prior military experience makes in the graduation rates from flight training. The mean graduation rates for the different types of students are: high school graduates 95%, college graduates 94.25%, and prior military experience 94.25%.

We know H0: �1=�2=�3, and H1: not all �'s are equal

Now we need to find the sum of the squares within (SSW) using

, and

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