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Statistics Of Men Vs. Women Being Convicted Of Violent Crimes

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Have you ever wondered why women get charged with convicted crimes and men get off the hook with a slap on the wrist? Well, you can stop wondering because there are actually statistics on this subject. This research paper will not only be answering this question, but also giving the statistics and reason behind men versus women getting charged of violent and convicted crimes.
The rate of women’s conviction is on the rise (Van Wormer, Bartollas). The increase of incarceration is outdoing the conviction of the men (Van Wormer, Bartollas). Female defendants found guilty of felonies in State courts has more than doubled the proportion of male offenders since 1990 (Greenfeld, Snell). Male ...view middle of the document...

One in three female offenders in state penitentiaries is put behind bars for a violent offense (Van Wormer, Bartollas).
Most people would argue that by placing a woman in jail not only are you creating a dreadful effect on her family, you are inflicting the same trouble on her as well (Simon). Often times, the female offenders happen to be mothers as well (Simon). They do not have any work that is not outside the house, most likely they had a rough childhood background, and are in debt or on state benefit (Simon). Also, they have probably already experienced some form of abuse and suffered psychological hurting and have addictions with alcohol and drugs (Simon). A good number of women prisoners have been in juvenile care as children and some have lost control of their own children (Simon).
Population once again occurred in women’s prison but this time by 173% in comparison to men at 50% from 1992-2002 (Simon). This data was handled accordingly in the courts by sentencing time changes (Simon). One prediction is that if higher crime is linked to men, then women must be trying to become more masculine (Simon). This prediction measured the masculinity and femininity of four groups of women (Simon). As a result, ninety-seven violent female offenders, non-violent female offenders, full time mothers, and professional women were interrogated (Simon).
Results came back that the women...

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