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A true man of terror, Joseph Stalin will be remembered in both Russian and world history as a tyrannical puppet master with a gun. Stalin was renowned for making people do what he wanted, while having a gun pointed right at them if they chose not to obey. He was a man so compelled to overpass the west's capitalistc countries, that he would stop at nothing short to achieve it. Driven by ambition and power, Stalin retained a tough Bolshevik mentality with a coarse heart. With the capturing of Stalin's son during the Great Patriotic War, Germany offered his son's freedom in return for the release of imprisoned German officials. Stalin replied, " I have no son." This response best demonstrates his harsh nature that paralleled his handling of Russia through imposed will and terror Throughout his executions and clouded ideology one thing remains constant in regards to Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili: he was an immeasurable evil, which we all should count our blessings to have never felt his presence.

Joseph Stalin was a great politician who ingeniously maneuvered his way up the totem pole stratum. Once in power, Stalin wanted to keep it while accomplishing many nationalistic ambitions. He realized Russia was behind other countries in terms of industrialization and imperialistic dreams. Through the implementation of the first five years plan Stalin achieved one of the greatest attributes of his tenure as the head of the Soviet government; he transformed Russia from a widely agricultural country into an industrialized nation. Industrialization at this point was key for Russia in preparation of a future war. Of course, no one can actually say that Stalin saw a great war coming; but we do know that Stalin had imperialistic ambitions only obtainable through a strong army. Regardless of the motives, however, Stalin does in fact industrialize through full collectivization.

Full collectivization imposed through the nation's acquisition of all farms was like a double-edged sword to Stalin. Although this move made industrialization possible, it caused much discontent within the peasants. Such peasants were even noted for sabotaging their own lands instead of relinquishing it over to the government. The drive for full collectivization also caused major damage to the economy, and brought famine throughout Russia. The peasants started revolting, and even killed some members apart of the 25,000'ers; a populist initiative implemented by Stalin to promote collectivization in the countryside. These problems were bad Stalin, seeing that he, and the soviets were supposed to be the peasant's people. Aware of these problems, Stalin writes, "Dizzy with success." An article that accuses the officers of being in the wrong due to the cruel acquisitioning of these lands; claiming they were driven too much by the ambition of success. In writing this, Stalin takes a step back from full collectivization, although 65% of the lands were already...

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