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Statment Of Purpose Essay

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Due to my love for children, and my lack of a summer job, I always had time for the little ones. I love kids, what more can I say, so I was no surprise when I volunteered innumerable hours at the local Afterschool with the most exuberant group of kids I’ve ever encountered. After my tenth-grade summer, my career goals fell into my lap and began to mold me.
Nonetheless, like a regular employee, I faithfully came in to “Work;” volunteering from 7:30 a.m. until 5:30 at night. This was the life! To be given an opportunity to spend day in and day out with kids of all ages, teaching them new skills and creating new activities, I was excited and willing to come in every morning and spend time with “My babies,” because I felt they needed me! I did not have to work as late as I did, or come at all, because my community service hours were completed the year before, with 100+ already under my belt. But I did the nine hour shifts because I loved being with the children. I loved teaching the new steps and dances to the clubs in the afternoon, and loved teaching the Kindergarteners their manners and how to write their names. With them is where I found my joy. With them is where is found “Me.”
It wasn’t too long after when I discovered my passion. I loved kids that much I did know. I knew that no matter life took me, I wanted to be with kids, and with that being such a broad spectrum to go off of for career plans, I began to narrow in on my choices. I began to bring up all my volunteer experiences: Walking for Haiti, Working in Afterschool and summer camp, working with the teen city council, etc. but then, upon request for help, it hit me. My favorite thing to do was not something that was placed on my agenda or plaque of rewards, it was something I did persistently — therapy! I was...

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