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Statment Of Purpose For A Computer Technician

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I go to San Diego Job Corps going for a computer tech. My trade that am going for requires The work of a computer technician basically involves performing installations and maintenance functions on computer systems and networks. It also involves solving problems that users have with their computers and consultation with regards to the computer and its operations. The specific skills needed for computer tech are knowing computer hardware and software as well as troubleshooting procedures and basic electronic repair. Technicians work is often over the phone, so communications skills are needed.

Drive Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things. I am outgoing and social like to talk to people hang out with friends go to new places have conversations with people. Make new friends and am very friendly. Working in a group is better for me because I work better with people around me solving problems together. My communications skills get better and get work done faster. I could learn to become a leader through a group. My strongest personality trait are helpful, honest , being a bit of a perfectionist. And my attributes are motivated, ambitious, loyal, kind. My strengths are self confidence, highly energetic, determined. My weaknesses are stage fear, taking a long time before making a decision and nervous. I define myself as a respectful person who gets along with everybody and never forget my responsibilities. Why I want to work in computer tech is because I want to learn how to fix computers how to work computers and help people solve their computer problems. Diagnosing their computer problems that includes software issues as virus and malicious software removal and hardware problems. The thing that sets me from the competition is passion and patience I will find and solve the problem as long as it takes me. A company should hire me because I know more than one language im honest and respectful and my communication skills are great and also knowledgeable. Im comfortable with change I like learning new things makes me smarter and better and more interesting as a person .the most importing to me in a job is teamwork to solve problems with other people honesty ,respect other people even if you like them or...

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