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Stay At Home Fathers Essay

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Traditionally, the stay-at-home parent has been the mother, but many modern fathers have become a nurturing parent to their children as well. It is now more common than it has been in the past for the father to be the stay-at-home parent. These fathers learn the skills needed to care for children, and some children who grow up with a stay-at-home dad learn to be less stressed, have better social skills, and are less fearful.
In some cases, children raised with stay-at-home dads learn how to handle stress and are more patient. Fathers can be more patient than mothers are, or more patient in different situations. A mother, for example, may constantly want to know where her child is, what he is doing, and who is with him. A father, on the other hand, may not care where his child is as long as he or she is being safe. Some fathers are less stressed around their children and do not worry about every minor event in their lives. Mother, Kristen Dibb, discussed time her daughter, Laura, spent with her friends. Kristen recalled constantly worrying about Laura’s whereabouts, whereas her husband, Eric Dibb, was relaxed and unconcerned about where Laura was and who was with her.
Many fathers who are stressed or anxious about a problem are able to keep calm in front of their children. When children are out of the house, the mother may worry about their safety and constantly check up on them to be sure her children are safe, behaving correctly, and to keep track of who is with them. A father may worry about his child’s safety, but he will not check on them frequently, instead allowing the child to spend time with peers. Another mother, Jennifer Ludden, said when her husband quit his job and stayed at home to raise their children, their house became calmer and less stressed. For children, learning to have patience and control stress is important because at school the child must learn to have patience with teachers, fellow classmates, and with challenging homework assignments.
Fathers can teach children various social skills through one-on-one interaction. While mothers may emphasize caution and gentle behavior, fathers tend to spend more time playing and interacting with a child. Authors Jeffery Rosenberg and Bradford W. Wilcox write that fathers who interact one-on-one with their children help to stimulate the brain and influence the child’s emotional and social development. Interacting with their fathers helps children learn to control their own feelings and behavior.
Another way a father may interact with his child is rough-housing. Children who rough-house with their fathers learn to release...

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