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Stay In School For The Rest Of Your Life 1101 Assignment

546 words - 3 pages

Valencia College-East 1
Spring 2018 Online ENC 1101 Weekly Schedule Overview
*Please note that the instructor reserves the right to alter the below schedule.
Course Unit Material Due Date
Unit 1 - Introduction to ENC 1101
U1DBQ1 - Peer Introductions
U1DBQ2 - Valencia College’s Netiquette Policy
Due by 11pm on Tuesday, January 16
Due by 11pm on Tuesday, January 16
Please note that you must complete Unit 1’s
DBQs by the above due date, or you will be
reported as a “no-show” and withdrawn from
the class.
Unit 2 - Example/Illustrative Essay Writing
Grammar - Commas & Clauses
*Released on Wed, 1/10
Peer Review Essay 1 - Example/Illustrative (PRE1)
Test 1 - Commas & Clauses (T1)
Final Essay 1 - Example/Illustrative (E1)
Due by 11pm on Wednesday, January 17
Due by 11pm on Wednesday, January 17
Due by 11pm on Wednesday, January 17
Due by 11pm on Sunday, January 21
Due by 11pm on Sunday, January 21
Due by 11pm on Sunday, January 28
Due by 11pm on Sunday, February 4
Due by 11pm on Sunday, February 4*
*Late Submission Due Date for E1: 11pm on Wed, 2/7
Unit 3 - Scholarly Research 1
Grammar - Sentence Run-ons
*Released on Fri, 2/2
Test 2 - Sentence Run-ons (T2)
Paraphrasing, Summarizing, & Quoting Accurately
Assignment (U3Ex1)
Due by 11pm on Sunday, February 11
Due by 11pm on Sunday, February 11*
*Late Submission Due Date for U3Ex1: 11pm on Wed, 2/14
Unit 4 - Personal Narrative Essay Writing
Grammar - Sentence Fragments
*Released on Fri, 2/9
Peer Review Essay 2 - Personal...

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