Living In The World Of Spirits

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In the middle of the night I was sound asleep, until I got this weird sensation throughout my mind that made me feel like I was being watched and awoke. When I sat up I noticed an average-looking man standing in the darkness of my bedroom. Frightened, I grabbed my blanket, moved closer to the wall, and followed the man with my wide-open eyes. Eventually, he made his way into my half-open closet door. I ran to turn the light on faster than a wimpy kid who punched the tough guy in school. Unlike most people would, I went straight to the closet door; when I opened the door, I found nothing. It’s easy to assume that I didn’t get too much sleep that night. I am not positive what happened during that mind-puzzling night, but I think the man I saw was a spirit that, for some reason, wanted to see me. I've never seen the man since, but I will always remember my encounter with him while lying down to go to sleep for the night. Despite what skeptics say, spirits, or ghosts, exist and can negatively impact the lives of everyday people.
After someone dies, he/she can continue to live in his/her subtle-body. The subtle-body, the soul, mind, or emotions, is every part of a human excluding the person's physical body (What Are Ghosts). The person can then wander the earth after he/she has already passed away. “Ghosts are people who died at some point but didn't fully cross over” (What to Do). To avoid the terrible reality of being stuck on earth for eternity, one can participate in certain religious affairs or just simply perform some good deeds. The chances of becoming a ghost, or spirit, will lessen if one: does “spiritual practice, has a low ego, or has less personality defects” (What Are Ghosts). “Ghosts cannot influence or take them into custody due to their spiritual strength and protection from God” (What Are Ghosts). Doing good deeds while being alive doesn't completely restrict one from being a ghost, however, is he/she doesn't have a strong spiritual life, it will increase the chances of becoming a ghost. People can be “attacked by higher level ghosts” who take over their body (What Are Ghosts). There are many factors that contribute to the transformation of a spirit: whether or not one did good deeds, the amount of spiritual practice, destiny, death cause, funeral, spiritual rituals, self-esteem, have desires that weren’t fulfilled, negative thoughts, anger, harmed people during lifetime, or doesn’t have spiritual thoughts or practices (What Are Ghosts). Occasionally, the ghost will attach to a person, place or object.
Some ghosts are rather weak and highly dependent on the place or person they are
attached to. They are sometimes called earthbound spirits. Some other ghosts have gained so much energy that they can move around and even make objects move with their energy. These are called poltergeists. (What to Do)
Poltergeists are one kind of ghost that one would not enjoy to have in their company. “Very strong poltergeists have a limited...

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