Staying Safe From Cyber Crime Essay

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Before, when it came to those interested in the secrets of another, usually it began in

trash cans. Picture a person digging and crawling through garbage for something thrown away that can

be useful for the criminal and compromising to the victim. Nonetheless the world evolved, and with it

so did personal security crimes. The internet contains countless data of information on almost every

person in America. In the same way, cyber-criminals are those who can utilize the web to gain from

otherwise unsuspecting victims who sometimes leave themselves completely vulnerable. Anyone could

be at risk of having their personal information compromised by a cyber-criminal through social

networks, scams, and even known associates.

Initially, “” was one of the many social websites that allowed users to share

information with others for fun, while at the same time keep friends in contact with one another. While

these website serve their purposes, they serve an entirely different purpose for a hacker who can utilize

said public info. On another note, cyber crime is not always just about financial gain; there are

criminals that seek to utilize social network websites to lure underage users. In an article which

analyzed Social Networking - “the Good, the Bad and the Ugly” by on September 1st in

2012 touched on the dangers of careless use of the internet by minors stating “parental care has

contributed to the loss of moral values, which is manifest in the way the social media is abused." after

explaining some of the good the bad and the ugly of the websites. Those in danger of becoming a

victim of cyber-crime of any kind can take a few precautions to avoid becoming a victim at all.

Providing that technology is always advancing, there is probably an app in the works to

keep users safe from hackers. But until such things are readily made available one must be aware of a

few preventative measures. Be sure to log out of all accounts especially on computers in which you are

a guest. Your accounts online are much more vulnerable when left in a logged in state. Most

importantly to address of preventive measures is the issue of personal information posted online by

users themselves. One of the easiest ways to utilize posted information is against security questions and

password back ups which require answers some share online on a daily basis. While staggering how

many fall victim to these types of attacks, whats more staggering is how easy an untrained person can

easily pull it off. Changes in personal security online is a must, and on occasion change passwords and

security questions to ones with more integrity. Overall there can also be prevention through possibly

omission of very personal information altogether. Given these points, it should be noted most cyber-

crimes are felony level, but it's criminals tend to commit their crimes...

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