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From a succulent filet mignon to a mouth-watering order of ribs, everyone loves some type of steak house. The residents of Texas are lucky; restaurants specializing in steak in Texas are plentiful. Many locals consider Perry’s Steakhouse and Grille and Texas Roadhouse to be the best. Although they both serve wonderful, steak, the differences in the menu, the service, and the overall atmosphere set them apart from one another.
Perry’s Steak house offers elegant, elaborate dishes on its menu, while the food described on the menu of Texas Roadhouse is the sort which tastes best when accompanied by an ice-cold drink and a large plate of French fries. For example, my favorite meal at Perry’s Steakhouse consists of a nicely twelve once filet mignon seared and cooked beautifully medium-rare with kosher salt, black pepper and topped with herb-garlic butter, having a deep flavor and a lovely tang. Once this concoction touches the tongue, it simply melts. On the other hand, Texas Roadhouse has been made famous for its barbecued ribs. Once the ribs have been seared to perfection, the cook tosses them on a large plate, and they are ready for presentation. The waiter then serves these divine ribs with your choice of two sides. After taking your first bite, the lucky diner discovers the meat falling instantly off the bone with a unique blend of seasonings and their signature BBQ sauce, melting in your mouth.
Distinguishing each restaurant further is the service. Service is extremely important in a restaurant. I always think that people will go to a restaurant for food, but they'll go back for service. Although it is impeccable at both Perry’s Steakhouse and Texas Roadhouse, the manner in which one is served varies greatly. I think the hospitality side of it is the way that you're treated, the way that you're welcomed to a restaurant, the way you're said goodbye to at a restaurant. It is that added value. It's the reason why you're going to make a decision to come back to this. When dining at the classy Perry’s,...

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