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Stealing A Nation Essay

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In the book "Freedom Next Time (2007)" written by the world’s renowned journalist and documentary filmmaker, John Pilger, gives us the prevalence of the chronicles of five countries which is, as he expresses: “about empire, its façades and the enduring struggle of people for their freedom” (Pilger, 1). It is a book of individual struggles for peace, security, and a civilized nation with strong government. The opening chapter “Stealing a Nation” is an upsetting story of San Diego which unfolds the time, about 40 years ago, that had been secretly buried away until just recently. This essay will present the synopsis of the first chapter revealing the themes relevant to sociology.
“Stealing a Nation” tells the story of the British government unlawfully stripping out the original citizens from their homeland of Chagos Islands, in the 1960s. It was a paradise-like land with “a sense of well-being…could eat and drink whatever they liked…” (Pilger, 21) secretly given to the Americans to constitute their military base. By 1973, all of citizens were swept out in such a deceiving manner that it was not even suspected what was to happen with their land. Some were travelling abroad for medical purposes and once they were done with their business, they were told that Diego Garcia had been sold. When the Americans began to setup their base, they burned dogs alive with their owners helplessly watching and hearing everything. Many people died of sadness, due to the fact that their homeland had been “sold”, poverty, suicide, and poor health. The government eventually claimed to have compensated the Chagossians; many of the illiterate, Indigenous people of Diego Garcia placed in Mauritius were tricked into signing documents that said that the government fulfilled his compensations. A Colonel Office official, K.W.S. Mackenzie, reportedly explained that they wanted to “convert all the existing residents…the Seychelles” (Pilger, 37). These are very devastating acts of inhumanity in which the Americans, who wanted the island to be unoccupied, forced the inhabitants to live in conditions which contrasted that of their native land. Mauritius is the island in which the people of Diego Garcia, who, to this day, fight for their paradise back, are living in regret.
Sociology is the study of the world that we create. Pilger depicts this theme in many ways throughout the chapter. “Stealing a Nation” is a chapter heavily based on corporate crime in which “the individuals and corporations work together to commit illegal acts against consumers and the common public” (Steckley & Letts, 171). Although the corporate do not represent the British government, the definition goes parallel to the acts of the government who agreed to kick out the inhabitants out of their own land. Mass exile, was unlawfully carried out with extreme concealment that “neither parliament nor the US congress knew anything about it” (Pilger, 22). The Chagossians were denied their existence and had no part...

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