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Stealing Freedom By: Elisa Carbone This Is A Book Of A Young Girl Finding Her Way To Freedom And The Steps She Takes To Get Thier

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Stealing Freedom is a book about a young gil who is trapped between her freedom and her family. In the beginning Ann is about 11 years old. She lives in a plantation in Unity, Maryland with her three brothers, mom and dad. the problem of the story is Ann can't decide whether or not she should run away and risk the chance to never see her family again.Her mom makes most of her families meals. She mainly cooks corn mush, but it keeps her family alive. During the time she does not work she cleans and knits for her family.Her father John workds in the field with Catherine late into the night. During the time he does not work he builds rocking chairs to sell to people. Every year John takes all ...view middle of the document...

She said that Augustus said that he was older and stronger than Master Richard. Awhile later Augustus got into a fight with Master Richard. Then he was wipped for winning. During the winter Ann had the biggest Christmas feast. Most of her Aunts an dUncles, cousins and the rest of the family came to eat. Master Charles gave the Weems' an old weak goat with no meat to eat for their feast. Uncle William and aunt Mimi ran from their master to Dresden, Canada. I am happy to say that they made it all the way. Then Ann's three brothers and friend, Augustus, addison, Joseph, and Benjamin. Shortly afterwards Ann's father came to visit. He told them that he talked to a man named Reverend Ray about buying Ann's family from Master Charles. When Mr. Biglow came and suggested $1,000 for Ann's mom $1,600 for Catherine and $500 for Ann Master Charles only sold Mom and Catherine. Then Ann moved to Rockville. This is where Ann learned how to read and write from Sarah. Then a man came a kidnapped Ann. Ann stayed in a hdden room in...

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