Stealing Her Away Essay

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Briley sat on the couch, watching TV. It had been roughly six months since he got released, and he himself knew that he wasn't taking it too well. Day after day, he promised that he would get up off his ass and possibly find a new job, but each day he fell deeper and deeper into depression and saw no good reason to get out of his house.

Adriana, one of his best friends, tried to help him, but she gave up on him a few months ago. Now, the only time she ever came over was to cry with him. Lately, she'd been having relationship problems, and Briley was the only guy capable of cheering her up. He had no problem with it, since he would admit that he kind of liked her, but he was tired of hearing that she and Dolph were arguing. Yes, Dolph, as in his older brother.

Briley knew that Dolph was a decent person when it came to women, but he wondered why, when it was the person he loved so deeply, that he had to act like an asshole. Any normal person wouldn't have been hesitant to try and steal her away from Dolph, but Briley would never do such a thing to his own brother. However, that didn't mean that he hadn't thought about it before. But after thinking long and hard about it, he decided against it, knowing that it would lead to dire consequences.

His mind drifted to the first time he met Adriana, just to remind himself that Dolph was the one who got her first, and that he needed to keep himself in check.

- flashback -

Ryan sat at the dining table, impatiently awaiting the arrival of Nick and his girlfriend. He had never seen her before, but that wasn't important. His mom refused to serve dinner unless Nick was home, and he was starving. He desperately needed to eat, or he was going to flip out. "Mom, just because Nick doesn't want to eat, it doesn't mean that the rest of us have to starve," he said, hoping that his mom would agree with him. Unfortunately, she didn't. He could tell by the way she rolled her eyes.

Nick finally came through the door holding hands with a girl. Ryan was surprised at how amazing she looked, but he really shouldn't have. Nick had a record of bringing home the sexiest girls in the world, but this one was different for some reason. She wasn't stunningly beautiful, but at the same time, she was like a supermodel. "Goodnight," she...

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