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Steel Manufacturing Essay

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In past few years, companies and industries of various sizes have become aware that they need to improve business processes such as product development, order fulfilment, planning, distribution, and customer service. So everybody is now focusing on doing process improvement or redesigning.
Steel containers position an arousing curiosity or attention in the engineering and policy challenge to society. They have to meet the condition of a countable quantity of structural and physical standard, must be reasonably priced, and must have a negligible impact on the environment.
In this paper we will explore on the brief manufacturing process of steel containers and some vital issues relating to the production process.
The manufacturing process of steel container or drum which is also known as liquid carrying container involves many processes. Although, there are different sizes of steel containers and different manufacturing process in most steel container manufacturing industries lately. There are also thousands of different steel alloy used in the production of steel containers. Furthermore, steel containers are made of sheet metal by soldering, brazing, spot welding, and seam welding. In addition to this, The Process of making steel containers involves rolling of metal sheet; welding the seam, making 90 degree bent on top and bottom of the container, making number of beads (according to size) and lastly reduce the diameter of one side of the container; fitting of lid to the containers, testing like pressure; coating internal (epoxy phenolic coating or plain) and external (stoving enamel gloss of various colour).
Some steel containers are made through deforming the steel by means of extruding, forging, spin forming, drawing and ironing. Moreover, steel containers are made by machining, and the size of the containers varies as stated earlier. The size ranges from 5 lit – 8 and 9 inch diameter, 7, 10 lit – 9 inch diameter, 11 lit - 8 and 9 inch diameter, 12 lit - 9 and 11 inch diameter, 15, 20, 25, 30 lit - 11 inch diameter, 57 lit - 14 inch diameter, 120 lit - 18 inch diameter.
In addition to this, in a steel container manufacturing company there are numerous objectives which are to be put into consideration and some of them will be discussed briefly in this paper.
Project and its development
The project is about redesigning the stages of UN/NON-UN standards fluid carrying steel containers or drums manufacturing process. The project is considered and conducted nearby at James G Carrick manufacturing plant, Glasgow. The entire process of manufacturing is quite vast so my area of operation concentres on three aspects of production locally called Flanger, Beader and Reducer (These terminologies are explained in activity number 3). The main objective of this project is to increase the rate of production and/or minimise the operational times accounting various range of products. Now to accomplish the goal, project was divided into...

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