Steep Roads In South Africa: Sani Pass Should Be Tarred Or Not

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The focus of this research project is weather Sani Pass should be tarred or not.
This steep road was first built in 1948 by Godfrey Edmunds, who saw the opportunity to trade with the Basotho people who live in Lesotho. The people formerly travelled by foot and donkey down into South Africa to trade their products such as sheep wool and homemade products. This road was built following the contours of the river and this caused major problems such as flooding and snow or ice on the road, causing a loss of livestock and lives.

The road being so dangerous was reconstructed by a man named David Alexander; this is the road we use today. It is still a steep gradient path and a 4X4 vehicle with very ...view middle of the document...

• A numerous amount of photographic evidence was taken of environmental and social features during the field trip.
• Worksheets were completed in class on the socio-economic and environmental aspects.
• There are detailed articles on the topic of weather Sani Pass should be tarred or not.
• Many interviews and questions were done on the field trip with our specific tour guides.

Validity of investigation:
A large amount of the information is based on primary research. The interview is very reliable as it is from a qualified engineer and has a large amount of knowledge in this specific area and the interview was recorded first hand. All the pictures were personally taken while on the field trip so they are real and reliable and have not been altered. The worksheet that was completed during the field trip is an extremely reliable source as it was answered by experienced tour guides who understand and know Sani Pass and its behaviour extremely well. The articles that are used are reliable as they are from local Newspapers and are conducted through interviews and questionnaires. All information is dependable as it is first hand and primary research and cannot be altered or false such as many internet sources.

Review of Literature
The focus of this project is weather Sani Pass should be tarred or not and this has been examined by observing the advantages and disadvantages of socio-economic and climate factors with many newspaper and magazine articles over the past few years.
According to an article written in the Mercury, November 13 2012

This article was written in 2009 for the Witness and consists of ideas from Professional engineers as well as locals around Underberg and their ideas on how to make Sani Pass more accessible and create more jobs in the area.

Gathering of Data and Information

Dr Kinwig (a professional engineer and a large amount of knowledge in the aspects of Sani Pass)

Me: Are you for or against tarring Sani Pass?
Dr Kinwig: For.

Me: Why?
Dr Kinwig: It is shown that tarring Sani Pass will promote local economic development.

Me: In terms of the weather in Lesotho and Underberg would it be a good idea to tar it?
Dr Kinwig: Yes, of course there are negatives but the positives of tarring Sani Pass outweigh the negatives. There is a lot of erosion on the road now and the cost of maintenance is huge. There are also wash away which cause instabilities on the road, tarring would be much safer.

Me: Would you ever get a return on investment after tarring the pass?
Dr Kinwig: Never.

Me: Do we as South Africans have the ability to build and maintain the road?
Dr Kinwig: It all depends on the contractor, there are many people in South Africa that have the knowledge and are capable to conduct such a project such as engineers. Finding the right contractor is the hard part.

Me: Because building the road as well as maintenance is so costly would you have tolls?
Dr Kinwig: No, no tolls.

Me: How will this impact tourism...

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