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Steering Behavior In Virtual Environment Essay

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1.1 Overview

In 21st century where IT is affecting every aspect of life we can see the effect of computer, electronics and modern machines in every domain. This big penetration in our life has demanded the automation of all these machines. The automation or the quest to make them smarter and more independent has led to seek applications in the fields of Steering behavior, Neural Network and Genetic Algorithms.

1.2 Steering Behavior in Virtual Environment

Steering Behaviors present solutions for one major requirement of intelligent agents in animation, games, virtual reality and robotic movement: the ability to navigate around ...view middle of the document...

Intelligent agents or elements must be guided by lines of code, consisting of sequence of commands. Depending upon the experimental configuration, changes can be done in destination, behavior, acceleration, speed or manipulation of the intelligent agent. The approach taken in this paper is to make steering behaviors as entirely independent from the underlying locomotion scheme. A simple locomotion model will be presented in order to make the discussion of steering behaviors more accurate. Our locomotion model is based on a simple vehicle model.

1.2.2 Virtual Agents

To cater the need of computer animation, interactive media such as games and virtual reality there is need for intelligent agent, those who can navigate according to requirement. These agents may have some ability to improvise their actions according to situation. This project will use the term intelligent to denote these agents which are intelligent agents in a virtual world who may be interacting with other agents. Intelligent agents are intended for use in computer animation...

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