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My palm touching the old but smoothe knob to Ollivanders the shop was dusty in every corner boxes and boxes of what I presumed were wands lined the walls all the way to the ceiling I walked up to the desk. Turning around I can see Professor Flitwick waiting patiecetly outside, I put down one of the sacks on the ground and just looked around at everything. I saw a glass bottle in the room and began peering into it.
‘Hello there’ I heard a voice from behind me
I turned around to a short stout man, he had white hair and a white beard elderly looking, he was searching around for something.
‘Hello, Professor Flitwick said something about me getting a wand here?’
‘yes, my dear let me just see ...view middle of the document...

Its handle is made to mold with the witch or wizard’s hand. Oh! By the way that will be 15 galleons’ I look at Mr. Ollivander and paid him he put the wand back in its box and handed it to me.
I walked back outside with Professor Flitwick,
‘Oh! There you are your parents have gotten your books and mostly everything else you just need to get fitted for your robes, come along were going to Madame Malkin’s’
I walked into a busy little shop with kids and their parents, kids standing on blocks being measured by a tape line that moved on its own. As the parents waited on the sidelines
‘Ok, next pair, on the blocks! You there just walked in with Flitwick up here, and you girl there with busy brown locks up here’
I walked up to the block looking at the girl across from me she just smiled at me I stepped up waiting for the tape to measure me.
‘You must be from a rich family, judging from your clothes’ the girl across from me said
‘We’ll, I’m actually not’ I said looking down at my dress it was purple that day with my matching converses’ of course.
‘Nice shoes, I would never think to wear Converse’s with dresses’ she said
I giggled. ‘they tried to make me wear the flat shoes but I prefer to run around freely and not be limited to thin little shoes’
‘I’m Hermione Granger I’m going to Hogwarts too! What’s your name?’ she said this all very fast
‘I’m Stella Archer I am also going to Hogwarts’ I told her
Just then Hermione was rushed off the block received her robes and briskly out of the shop with her parents.
‘Bye, Stella maybe I’ll see you around’ Hermione said and she was gone I was still on the block I spread my arms apart, another kid was put on the block beside me he was a pale boy with blonde slick hair pulled back, I looked at him he just sneered at me
‘What are you looking at?’ he scoffed at me
‘You don’t look like you belong here, you’re probably a Muggle’ he sneered again
‘ok, ive been hearing that word all day what’s a Muggle?’
‘A Muggle is a non-magic person(s), and if you don’t know what one is your probably are one’ he snapped. I was tapped by the tape and a woman walked out with a package, I paid for my robes as the kid left as well. I walked out of the shop and watched the kid walk away with a tall man with white long hair.
‘That’s Mr. Malfoy and his son Draco, they think any wizard that isn’t pureblood shouldn’t be allowed in the magic world, but your better than that, don’t associate yourself with minds like that’ Professor Flitwick had said.
‘Come along! Looks like you’ve got everything, let’s go meet up with the lot’
With that we left in search of my parents we found them in front of a bookstore talking to Dumbeldore once again.
‘Well, are we all set to go back to Asguard?’ Dumbeldore said
‘Yep, I’ve got my wand and my robes, I see my parents have my books and other things’
‘ I’ve got you one more thing, Stella’ Dumbeldore said he reached out from his side with a large cage inside was this giant owl it was...

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