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*Two Years Later, 12 Years Old, Month of June*
It was right after my 12th birthday, I woke up normally like I did every day in the palace today I was going to spend extensive time bonding with my elements. This was the most relaxing way for me to unwind. I went for a walk in the gardens Queen Frigga and the princes were there getting their daily lessons about the plants of Asguard. I loved all the plants in Queen Frigga’s garden they were all so beautiful. Queen Frigga didn’t even turn around
“Afternoon Lady Stella”
“Afternoon Queen Frigga; Loki, Thor”
“Hi Stella” the princes said at the same time
“Queen Frigga, do you mind if I practice my earth here?”
“Not at all Stella, do you mind if ...view middle of the document...

I formed a fire and ice ball mixed with water at Loki he sliced it open with a slash of his hand, I quickly formed a fire and water attack I started a fire then ran at loki, when close enough mixed water with fire and hit Loki with it. Loki was on the ground, I reached for his hand, he threw a aura in my face, I blew it away fast enough with my air guard.
“I never have my guard down, Loks you know that” I said offering him my hand
“I know, just trying to find a weak spot, everyone has one”
I pushed his head slightly as he stood up “and so do you”
“THAT WAS SO COOL!” Thor exclaimed
“You haven’t seen them go wild Thor that was nothing” Queen Frigga said patting her son’s head
Loki and I exchanged laughs
**Later that evening**
Luci was with me in the library after dinner helping pick which books to study from when a guard entered. He walked to Luci and told her something, she then turned to me
“Lady Stella, You have a visitor in the Main Ballroom; we’ll walk you there” I stood up with the books in my hand.
“I’ll come back to gather your books, Lady Stella” I put the books down and followed after Luci and the guard.
We reached the ballroom the guard opened the door for Luci and I, inside there was my parents talking to an figure I’d never seen before, he was really tall had a long white beard tiny golden glasses, and an soft tone voice, he wore these long brown robes with golden furnishings here and there. The elderly man turned to the sound of the door and stared at me, I thought he was staring into my soul, I moved closer to Luci, I didn’t like strangers very much.
“Come here Stell, he’s friendly” my mother said to me
I came out from behind Luci’s figure
“If you all don’t mind I’d like to talk to Stella alone for a bit” the elder man said
My mom and dad moved to the door, they gave me hugs and patted my head, Luci didn’t move an inch the elder man seemed to wait for her to leave as well. I looked at Luci
“It’s ok, Luci you can go collect my things from the Library and organize my bookshelf” I said to Luci
“as you wish Lady Stella” Luci bowed to me and walked out the door
I turned to the elder man he stood farther away from me near one of the wide two way windows they were massive and look onto Asguard in its sunset.
“Who are you?” I asked the elder moving slowly closer to him
“I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry”
“Whats Hogwarts?”
“It’s a school especially for kids with magic to learn and grow in their education specifically to wizard standards” Dumbledore said
“So, why are you telling me this?” I had reached the rail of the window where Dumbledore was I turned to face him.
“You are a witch, Stella Archer”
I stared at him, I never thought there was a name for what I was able to do, I just called it my magic
“I’m a what -a witch?” I gasped then stuttered out the words
Dumbledore noded at me “Your parents have told me about your abilities and how...

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