Stella Archer Chapter 8 Essay

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“Who could admire me? I barely leave the palace” I thought
I was snapped out of my thoughts again as the cooks had come out to serve us our breakfast, we ate and enjoyed each others company, I hadn’t really had time to spend with my parents since we got here. With practicing my magic with Queen Frigga, and the many adventures I had with the two princes, I was really swept up into being the best me I could it was brilliant! When we finished eating the cooks and maids took away our plates, out came an elderly looking woman with a small box. My parents had thanked her and she walked back into the palace doors. My Father took the box and put it in front of me, I starred at the red wrapping paper it was a rectangular shape.
“Go on Stel, Open it” my mom smiled at me
I tore off the paper and my eyes started to water as I lifted the book up, I stroked its gold spine, and ran my hand over the black cover. “Is this what I think it is” I whispered
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“Thank you! I really missed this book” I walked up to my parents and hugged them
“You’re welcome, Stel, we love you very much and Happy Birthday” my Mother and father said together
Just as I was parting from my parents the palace doors opened again and out stepped Luci with Queen Frigga. “Happy day of Birth Lady Stella!” Queen Frigga told me, “thank You!” “I have a gift for you, inside the palace if you’d like to have it!” “I’d love to see it!”
I walked up to Luci and handed her my special book
“Can you please take this back to my room, Luci?”
“I shall Lady Stella” Luci took the book and walked away
“Come along, Lady Stella you’re going to enjoy this, by the way you look grand” the Queen said
We walked back into the palace, I walked alongside the Queen, and “Do you know who got me this dress? I picked out the style, and helped but I did not get you your dress Lady Stella” I let out a sigh. Who could possibly get me this dress? My mother and Queen Frigga helped get it but it wasn’t them? That leaves the princes, it couldn’t be Thor, he doesn’t even know a thing about picking out girly like things, could it be Loki? Nah….it didn’t fit. I stopped my pondering and was moved towards the room with the Queen, the doors opened for us to walk inside. The Queen walked over to a pedestal and grabbed something off of it. She walked over to me with a yellow tiny box. “Here you are” she says while handing me the box.
I took it from her and gently opened the box, on a little cushion there was a bracelet I couldn’t really tell what color it was it was multicolored. “it’s enchanted, the colors are mixed in because they match your magic’s wavelengths, the colors are red-orange for fire, blue for water, green and brown for the earth, white and silver for air, and yellow, purple and black for the other elements You’ll learn about those later the stronger you become, but when your magic is not turned up or very high the band will turn silver to its original color” the queen said ‘You have to touch it to activate it, it’ll only react to your touch’ I reached for the bracelet sure enough all my elements colors swirled around in the bracelet then went back to silver. The Queen helped me put it on I stared at it a while before I hugged the Queen.

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