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I chose to do my paper on stem cell research. I chose this topic because it is very controversial right now and I feel strongly about it. I want to present you with as much information as possible so you can make you own educated decision.First of all what are stem cells? ?Stem cells are cells that have the remarkable potential to develop into many different cell types in the body. Serving as a sort of repair system for the body, they can theoretically divide without limit to replenish other cells for as long as the person or animal is still alive. When a stem cell divides, each "daughter" cell has the potential to either remain a stem cell or become another type of cell with a more specialized function, such as a muscle cell, a red blood cell, or a brain cell.?(Stem Cell Research FAQs) You never hear stem cell with out it being followed by the word research. Why? Because it is still a new field of medical research with very little being known about it. You the see the research is down on human embryos, the cells are extracted from fetuses that are the result of medical abortions. This is where the controversy comes in. People who disagree with stem-cell research find their reasoning for their rejection of the practice in a much higher place. They believe that experimenting with embryos is wrong and an affront to God. Any advances would not be worth the potential sin of conducting experiments on embryonic cells. Anti-abortion persons in turn also find stem cell research wrong and are strongly against. The people that are anti-stem cell research are very strong into their beliefs and have marches and demonstrations across the country and even in Washington, D.C. for the immediate stop of this new medical science known as stem cell research.So why not use stem cells from adults instead of using human embryonic stem cells for the research? ?Human embryonic stem cells are thought to have much greater developmental potential than adult stem cells. This means that embryonic stem cells may be pluripotent ?that is, able to give rise to cells found in all tissues of the embryo except for germ cells rather than being merely multipotent--restricted to specific subpopulations of cell types, as adult stem cells are thought to be.? (Stem Cell Research FAQs) Why are doctors and scientists alike so interested in human embryonic stem cells? ?Stem cells have potential in many different areas of health and medical research. To start with, studying stem cells will help us to understand how they transform into the dazzling array of specialized cells that make us what we are. Some of the most serious medical conditions, such as cancer and birth defects, are due to problems that occur somewhere in this process. A better understanding of normal cell development will allow us to understand and perhaps correct the errors that cause these medical conditions. Another potential application of stem cells is making cells and tissues for medical therapies. Today, donated organs...

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Stem Cell Essay

913 words - 4 pages The Stem Cell Controversy Since its introduction in 1998 human stem cell research has pushed its way on to center stage not only on a scientific level but a moral level as well. In 1999 the American Association declared it "Breakthrough of the Year" for the Advancement of Science. These advances have triggered a new debate among scientists and the public, particularly among patients and their advocates. The most recent example of these debates

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1001 words - 5 pages Stem cells are one of the wonders of the universe. These cells are the building blocks of our bodies, and cannot only self-replicate almost infinitely, certain stem cells can also become or produce almost any cell type, depending on the circumstances and environment. Although there are risks and controversies, the medical benefits of stem cells are unparalleled by any other medical technology available today, and the field of research is one of

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1858 words - 7 pages Cells that have the ability to become, basically, any other cell in the body are called stem cells. These cells would most likely develop in the beginning stages of life. These cells also have the potential to grow. Stem cells have the ability to divide numerous times without limit. This works as a type of repair system within the body. This way, when a stem cell does divide, the produced cells have the ability to remain a stem cell or become

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1675 words - 7 pages What is a Stem Cell?ResearchEthical IssuesUsesProsConsReferencesStem cells are usually very early stage cells which have the capacity to form into any specialised types of cells. Stem cell usually fall into one of three categories, these are;* Embryonic stem cells - These are unclassified stem cells which are derived from a human embryo. These stem cells are particularly useful and controversial. They are unclassified which means that can be

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1087 words - 4 pages stem cell research raises ethical concerns, it should be legalized due to the possibility of medical advancements and cures of numerous diseases. Stem cell research benefits because it will help enlighten scientists’ knowledge in the biology of human development which could be helpful to future findings. In “Stem Cell Research and Applications” by Audrey Chapman, Ph.D., stem cells are stated to be “unspecialized cells that are thought to

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1712 words - 7 pages Fifty-seven to sixty-seven percent of American’s are supporters of stem cell research (Langwith 79). Stem cell research is the replacing of dysfunctional or old cells with new cell (Langwith 23). One way stem cell research is used by replacing old cells with healthy new ones to help old organ (Langwith 24). Another way it is being used is through stem cell therapy and this could help repair spinal injuries (Langwith 28). An example is twelve out

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1618 words - 6 pages Embryonic Stem Cell Research: The controversy over whether it's right or wrong.Stem cell research brings forth many new and exciting ways of looking at science. "A lot of advancements have been made and our society has been greatly impacted by them (Mitus)." Aside from all of the positive outlooks in this field of science, stem cell research has many ethical controversies, while also having some scientific problems. Stem cells are

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963 words - 4 pages Should Stem Cell Research be prohibited? The ongoing bioethical controversy of stem cells research has been debated in political arenas across the world. As with any debate there are two sides to the issue. Scientific researchers want to expand their research into emerging fields like stem cell research in hopes of bettering medicine for the future. Human right activists and some religious groups are against this type of research because the

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560 words - 2 pages             Stem cell research is one of the greatest debate topics of the 21st century. Stem cells are a powerful tool in the fight to save lives. But with so many ethical issues surrounding stem cell research I am in fear that we may loose a powerful asset. In the debate you are about to see myself and a few of my fellow group members are debating on the Con side of stem cell research. But

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1291 words - 5 pages Stem Cell Research In light of the continued advancement of technology and research in the medical field, there have been some groundbreaking developments that have been heralded as indications that scientific research can produce remarkable results when it is integrated with technology. Since the turn of the 20th century, major breakthroughs like the discovery of DNA and the development of anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS have been cited as

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Stem Cell Essay

1564 words - 6 pages Stem Cell is an undifferentiated somatic cell that is capable of either division to give rise to daughter stem cells, or differentiating into any specialized cell type given the appropriate signals. Cultured stem cells are critical to the concept of therapeutic cloning. The benefits of embryonic stem cell research outweigh the moral costs because of the innumerable potential benefits it can provide to the medical community.There has been much

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1007 words - 4 pages Research on stem cells began in November of 1998 when researchers were successful in isolating the stem cells in a lab. At first a selected few scientists only realized the enormous potential of stem cell. Then, in the U.S. and other parts of the world stem cell funding and research went rampant. Australia made a huge stem cell breakthrough by discovering that stem cell are to generate themselves into other, specialized cells, in particular the

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