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Importance Of Stem Cell Research Essay

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Stem Cell Research
Stem cell research is a highly debated, controversial, sensitive topic. Too many people have skewed perceptions of stem cell research simply due to their lack of knowledge on the topic. The ignorant conception of stem cell research is human cloning, test tube babies, and mindless murder of helpless infants. This is not the case. The United States should be utilizing and funding stem cell research; it has miraculous benefit and is morally justifiable. With federal funding stem cell research could achieve its full potential. It is vital to medical advancement.
To form an adequate view point of this topic one must first understand the basics. Human development begins when a sperm fertilizes an egg which forms a single cell that has the potential to create an entire living organism. This fertilized egg is totipotent which means it has total potential to develop into a fetus. A few days after fertilization these totipotent cells begin to specialize, forming a hollow sphere of cells called blastocyst. Inside the blastocyst is a cluster of cells called the inner cell mass. These inner cell mass cells are pluripotent meaning they can create many types of cells but not all necessary to produce a fetus. “Because their potential is not total, they are not totipotent, and they are not embryos” (Espejo).
The benefits of stem cell experimentation are nearly unfathomable. Experimentation with human embryos was first developed to help infertile couples have children outside of sexual reproduction called vitro fertilization. “On July 25, 1978, Louise Joy Brown, the world's first successful "test-tube" baby was born” (Rosenberg). If the gift of creating a biological child for an infertile couple, while spreading hope to thousands of couples alike isn’t enough to pursue stem cell research than perhaps curing hundreds of disabilities is. One may argue that the benefits on stem cell experimentation are over exaggerated, but truth is, with careful derivation of pluripotent stem cells scientists can manipulate these cells to create specifically what they need. This suggests the possibility of a renewable replacement for virtually any cell or tissue ("Stem Cells: A Primer"). Stem cells can even be taken from the patient themselves and used to create a working replica of the failing cells, for example a failing heart. Some may argue that this is unnecessary when there are donor resources available. But the likely hood of the transplant rejecting is dramatically reduced when it is coming from the patient themself. In fact there would likely be no rejection since essentially; the cells would be genetically identical to the person receiving the transplant. Also when accepting a transplant from a donor, patients are exposed to immune-suppressing drugs which can have toxic effects (Espejo). Stem cell development eliminates these concern and possible complications completely. It is the safer, more effective way to preform transplants.
Many diseases and...

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