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Stem Cell Research Needs To Be Funded

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A mother has developed Alzheimer’s, preventing her from having a normal relationship with her family. A newly born baby girl has a spinal cord issue, making for many years of rehabilitation ahead her. A diabetic wife struggles to take care of her household duties because of constantly having to monitor her blood sugar and deal with insulin shots. With the development of stem cell research, and the more controversial embryonic stem cell research, every one of these instances could not only be cured, but prevented, within the next half century. In fact, diseases that are predicted to be treated by means of stem cell research are figured to now plague the likes of 100 million Americans. Looking at the arguments dealing with stem cell research, it is evident that the advantages of stem cell research greatly outweigh the disadvantages that numerous people take the side of. Although those who disagree on the topic of stem cell research have their arguments against stem cell research, not even they can disagree with the fact that stem cell research has the potential to change disease treatment in our world as we know it. Taking my stand on the situation, I declare that the benefits of stem cell research in any form prevail over the moral costs because of the countless benefits it can bring to the medical community.
Stem cell research became a topic of discussion back in the 1970s, just a short while after the Roe v. Wade ruling was made by the Supreme Court. At the time, science was not advanced enough to act on the potential of stem cells, consequently not causing much debate aside from issues over the amount of funding that was appropriate for the research. All that was really known about stem cells was that they had the potential to be reproduced into an unlimited amount of body tissues, which could cure many debilitating diseases. This news was welcome news for the medical society, and those suffering from such a disease. Since the 1970s, stem cell research has been funded to study, but not until 1998 were embryonic stem cells able to get isolated, giving them potential to be turned into an unlimited variety of cell types. In 1998, Dr. James Thompson at the University of Wisconsin first discovered how to successfully isolate human embryonic stem cells. This discovery created much debate from a philosophical, religious, political, and moral standpoint. The division of viewpoints was especially prevalent after this discovery because in order to isolate an embryonic stem cell for research, it must be destroyed. Even though it is many times the case that the debate of stem cell research is a matter of someone being pro-life or pro-choice, this is not always the case. In fact, it is found that many people are opposed to human suffering more than anything, causing them to agree with embryonic stem cell research as a way to potentially alleviate human suffering due to disease. There are many different religions with radical followers that do...

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