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Stem Fair Essay

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Something you like know how to live longer and how to look younger. It all depend on what you eat and what kind exercise required to take to look younger. It easy as only eating vegetable and fruit which avoid to much calories and exercise 20 minute which tighten your muscles which help you look younger and help you improve your health even it little bit or a lot of exercise. No matter what it can improve your health some and help you look younger.
If you exercise regular bases it release stress and help you tighten your muscle. These thing help you look younger. If you exercise regular base which make you taller and there no studied explain why but there studied said the exercise stretch and strengthen your muscle. Exercise also improve your self- esteem, keep your mind off problems and give sense of control.
People who are fit are less anxiety, depression and stress. Exercise help with certain mental health problems. For some people is hard active because they are depressed, anxious or have certain mental health problem. Exercise will help you feel better.
Simple exercise 10 to 15 minute a day can Nose and mouth region the line will lessen, upper checks will be lifted and look fuller, the jaw line will be firmer, and eyelids will be stronger and lifted. Just 20 minute of exercise help your circulation. Circulation one of the important factor for good skin. This help you look lot younger. Poor circulation lead poor skin lead to aging.
If you exercise regularly bases help you raise your heartbeat, strength and get energy. Its also help you energy for work, help you focus in school and other thing in your free time. Fitness help you lower risk for certain disease. Staying active and fit help you burn off those calories.
Fitness is good for your whole body especially for your lungs, heart, bones, muscle, and joint. These help you lower risk like falls, heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some cancers. Also being fit help you sleep at night, handle stress through your stressful day, and help you more sharply.
Expert advice adult to exercise vigorous activities or moderate aerobics activities. Children between the ages of six to seventeen to do moderate aerobics activities for less than an hour a day. Moderate aerobics activities basically you walk briskly for 150 minute over spread of week. Vigorous activities basically run for 75 minute spread out during a week. The running help you get your heart be beating faster and breathing faster than at rest. Aerobic fitness help you with endurance which increasing how much your body uses oxygen. Aerobic Fitness will help you condition of your heart, lungs, and muscles. Muscle fitness help you with strength help you build stronger muscles and increasing how long you can use your muscle. Flexibility will help you have ability to move your joints and muscles through their full extension of mobility.
Get right amount to sleep is important because the cell are busy repairing the...

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