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Stem Must Recruit Women Essay

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When you think of STEM jobs, you don’t necessarily even realize there’s a lack of women in these types of jobs. Science, technology, engineer, and math jobs are primarily a male dominated field. In the early years around 1990 there were more women going into these types of jobs at, but compared to today, there has been a decrease of women who are graduating in STEM fields. This is alarming, considering the job opportunity growth for the STEM field in the future. STEM jobs are expected to grow at least 20 percent or more by 2020 according to the occupational outlook handbook. With the lack of women in these fields, there will be a lot of job openings without anyone to fill. Women may not ...view middle of the document...

” It’s without a doubt that women do have the capability and knowledge to pursue STEM jobs.
Another reason why women don’t enter the field is due to the sexist comments in a workplace. Considering a lot of these STEM jobs especially tech startup companies they don’t have a HR department and women deal with a lot of these sexist jokes and teasing since its predominantly male workers. For example, last year during a tech conference in Santa Clara a female developer was offended when two male techie made inappropriate remarks about a dongle (dongle is a device that plugs into the computer) when they started talking about “big dongles” and made very rude sexist comments. (Medoza) This is not the first case documented about sexist jokes or inappropriate remarks during these types of conference. While some may believe sexist jokes isn’t a big issue, there is also a big sexism issue when it comes to hiring women candidates for these STEM jobs and salary. Women are constantly being overlooked and underpaid when compared to their male counterparts. According to Henderson:
“Corrine Moss-Racusin and her fellow researchers conducted an experiment in which they gave student applications to science professors at a number of universities to evaluate for a lab manager position. The resumes were identical save for the fact that one had a male name at the top and one had a female name. Professors of both sexes judged the male candidate to be more competent and a preferable hire. And when asked what starting salary they would offer to each, the male student was judged to be worth almost $5000 more than his female counterpart. While not necessarily surprising results, the reality of gender discrimination in STEM fields is problematic for a number of reasons beyond simple unfairness and inequity.”
No wonder why a lot of women who currently are in the field feels like the lone wolf since they have to endure sexism in the work place, as well as be under represented. This is concerning for women who currently want to enter the field. If the male candidates are always getting the jobs or always getting the better salary, how is it fair for women to even start pursuing these fields?
As for women who are currently in the field that don’t stay in the field is because they’re constantly getting discredited for their knowledge. Women who are constantly being told their incompetent will eventually feel they’re not up to par with their knowledge and may even drop out of the field forever. Another issue is current female students who are or will study STEM field lacks women mentors. I think if we had more STEM women mentoring programs out there, it would be beneficial for females who currently are in this field. Because of all the issues women currently face today in STEM jobs, it may discourage future potential women to not want to enter STEM merely due to sexism.
There needs to be more awareness to what is happening with STEM fields and how to close the gender equality...

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