Step By Step Procedure Writing Paper Idea Was Given On How To Pack For Long Weekend

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Packing for a long weekend will be a three-step process. First, you will need to figure out where you are going. This will enable you to determine out exactly what items you will need to take with you. You will then need to decide on the size of suitcase or whether you will need several suitcases in order to hold all of your gear. The next thing that you will need to do is to lie out your items so that you will be sure to actually pack them for the weekend. I recommend that you make yourself a list of all items you think will be required. Then, as you pack them, you can check them off the list. This list presumed the person packing is a man.Your destination will affect what you choose to pack. Therefore, consider your destination and activities. Will this be a weekend of leisure activities during the hot summer weather, thereby requiring such items as shorts? Sandals, possibly a bathing suit, and some sun block would also be advisable here. Could this possibly be a weekend of cold weather activities? If you are anticipating colder weather, you will need to pack items, such as sweaters, long pants, and gloves. Could this be a weekend of a mixture of leisure and finer living also? For this type of weekend you will need to pack some of the previously mentioned items, depending on the weather, and also some finer clothing. For example, you may need dress pants, a dress shirt, a jacket, dress shoes, and dress socks for going out at night.The second step will be to determine exactly all that you need to take with you. This will establish how big a suitcase you will need. If you are packing just a few leisure clothes, shorts, and sandals for time on the beach, then a small bag will suffice. If you are planning...

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