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One of the recommendations is related to the monitoring and the assessment of the police work by the leadership in order to eliminate the prejudice and ensuring fairness police policy. First of all, elimination of racism should be done among the police officers. It must be a challenge to promote anti-discriminatory practice enclosed in the legal framework (Dalal, 2012). The prevention and the recording of the racial incidents consist of encouraging the population to report any hate crime. Furthermore, the recruitment of the people from minorities group among the police forces will increase the confidence in the criminal justice system. It is more than necessary that people start trusting ...view middle of the document...

Combating racism starts with “setting out one’s own anti-racist stall” (Thompson, 2012:100). In the social work field the practitioners and the managers should make sure that they highlight the benefits of a multicultural society without making differences.

It must be a clear understanding for both the practitioners and the public of what does “racism” means. This is why one of the recommendations stated that the definition of “racism” should be “"A racist incident is any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person". This is one of the steps in ensuring an anti-discriminatory approach as more crimes can be reported by the members of public. Five detectives refused the idea that the murder of Stephen Lawrence was a racist murder because their lack of racism awareness. Improving the understandings of such a terrible act will help to identify racism in the future (Macpherson, 1999:c45).

Furthermore, a recommendation was made concerning the family liaison. The victim’s family in Stephen Lawrence case was treated unprofessional and disrespectful. It is police service responsibility to ensure that all the officers are trained to deal with victim support. The practitioners must be aware of the diversity and the value of it. The entire victim’s family are entitled to get whatever they need to feel comfortable and safe. In addition, it is professional to inform the family about the progress of the investigation (Macpherson, 1999).

The report suggested improvement in what means first aid training as just few people were able to give first aid to Stephen and to ensure that his injuries gets good and quick care. It was a lack of organisation during the first hours of the murder. No officers planned to pursue the suspects as the direction by senior officers took inadequate measures. These errors should be subject to severe discipline (Bowling and Phillips 2003). However, in April 1999 there were significant changes made in Police Disciplinary and...

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