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The ideas in Stephanie Bower's essay are very well expressed. The author is quite consistent with bringing facts and opinions into her essay. She expresses her ideas and views as well as the views of many others. In citing other news media she shows how other people feel about the subject. Trying to stay on just the topic and not wander off into many other areas is difficult to do. She shows evidence through her own personal experience and from local news stations to prove her point. In this aspect she writes a very convincing argument.The writer believes that not enough time is spent on local news. The audience does not receive the entire story. The idea that most news stories are brought to us in a "short story" format that lasts only twenty or thirty seconds is true. News coverage should consist of more investigative reporting rather than a summary of the events that occurred. Most local news stories require a lot more time than allowed stories that run for longer can actually give a person more of the facts. Since the stories have been more thoroughly investigated, a person can make his/her own conclusions based on the additional facts.The idea that news is all routed to money is interesting. Journalism isn't perceived as profitable to a big business corporation. Corporations try to squeeze in as many stories as possible, in as little time possible in order to boost sales. How true this is, while watching the news, ask yourself if you wanted to know more; the answer well most likely always is yes. Sweeps week is another point brought up. The smaller news stations cram all the money they own into...

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