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Austin was born in southwestern Virginia, Nov. 3, 1793, and died in Dec. 27, 1836. Taking into consideration the difficulties of his mission, the completeness of his task for its achievement, and its influential outcome, Stephen F. Austin is claimed to be the most colonial proprietary in American history. He was famous as "The Father of Texas".Stephen F. Austin founded the first Anglo-American colony in the Tejas province of Mexico and made it develop into an independent republic. For the hundreds of families he brought into this state because of the quite poor economic situations in the United States at the time, Stephen F. Austin was doing extremely well in recruiting families to move to Texas. His family shifted to Missouri when he was five years old. After four years of schooling at Yale College, he came back to Missouri, where he had a diverse career as a storekeeper, manager of the family lead mining business, as well as director of a failed bank. He worked as a militia officer and was a member of the Missouri territorial administration from 1814 to 1820. In 1820, Arkansas' governor selected him as a circuit judge.It was Austin's father, Moses Austin, who took the first steps on the way to creating an American colony in Mexican Tejas. In 1820, he traveled to San Antonio to appeal for a land grant, and in 1821 got authorization to settle 300 American families on 200,000 acres. However Moses Austin died before carrying out his plans and task for creating the colony fell to Stephen.After the death of his father in 1821, Stephen F. Austin took over a grant to bring U.S. settlers into Spanish Texas. Under the conditions of a special act in 1824 and further contracts in 1825, 1827, and 1828 all approved by the newly independent Mexican government. The colonizer was accountable for the settlement of above 1,200 American families in Mexican Texas.Austin's effectively opposed constitutional liberation in 1827, advocated in vain at the same time that immigrants be allowed to carry on bringing slaves from the United States, got the withdrawal of Guerrero's liberation ruling in 1829, and stated in 1835 that Texas have to be a slave state. The challenge is more obvious than real, but when all is said a number of contradiction remains. The fact looks like to be that he did condemn slavery, but that he acknowledged its economic requirement in the progress of Texas. A large amount of his colonists were obviously to be expected from the neighboring slaves' states, however slave owners would not come if not allowed to bring their slaves, and others who did come would be very much disadvantaged by the lack of free labor. About the time of this letter he appears to have felt that an acceptable compromise might be reached by the labor law of 1828, which, effectively, set up the peonage system of Mexico.In 1832 the labor law was customized, restraining contracts after that to ten years, hence, perhaps, his statement for slavery in 1835. His protection of...

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