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Stephen Hawking, A Modern Day Hero

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There are many people who could be considered a hero. A hero doesn’t have to be someone who could fly, run with great speed, and shoot lasers. A hero can be anyone who makes a difference. It can be your parents, a firefighter , your doctor, or even a friend. They don’t need to be a professional athlete or celebrity, they can be a normal person living a normal life. One modern day hero is Stephen Hawking because of his great accomplishments; he overcame the risks of his disease, helps scientists and improves lives of people around the world.
In order to understand why Hawking is a hero one needs to know some background knowledge. In the article “Stephen Hawking” from Biography for Beginners you learn he was born January 8th 1942 in Oxford, England. His birthday landed on the same date as the 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo, another famous scientists who studied subjects very similar to what Hawking studied. He was the oldest of four kids, had a mother and father. For most of his life he was your everyday, average student. In school his favorite subjects were always math and science. Even as a young child Hawking saw the world differently than most people. Hawking originally went to a competitive, all boy school. After he graduated from grade school he went to St. Albans then to Cambridge University. While at Cambridge in 1963 Hawking found out he had ALS. He was always worried he would not live long enough to receive his degree. By 2007 Hawking was completely paralyzed. (np).
Stephen Hawking has risked so much that makes him a hero, it even explains it in the youtube video “Mini Bio: Stephen Hawking” by Mini Bio. Once Hawking was diagnosed with ALS he was only supposed to live for few more years. When someone gets ALS they slowly lose control over muscles in their body, making it hard on some like Hawking to continue his work due to the fact his work used with hands on activities, testing, and a lot of reading and writing. Even when he tried to use his speech synthesizer to talk he only was able to average around two to four words per minute! Although he could have made his disease worse by going back to his research and active lifestyle which was not recommended by his nurses and doctors, he took his chances and continued to study anyway. Hawking made many great discovers during this time. He never let his disease slow him down, he always thought about the good of science. One of his greatest discoveries was his theories on the black holes. He introduced theories about their gravity and form. These discoveries changed the way scientist see black holes, and helped them to understand what was once unknown. Surprisingly Hawking beat the odds and continues to live today. After overcoming these risks Hawking continued to have many great accomplishments. He was a Distinguished Scholar, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom and got the accomplishment of becoming a Lucasian Professor, an achievement only few get. These accomplishments...

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