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Stephen Hawkings On January 8th, 1942, in Oxford, England, a boy named Stephen Hawking was born. Though nobody knew it at the time, but Stephen would eventually grow up to become one of the most gifted astrophysics of all time.Stephen grew up just like you or me. He had a girlfriend and a life. It wasn't until his college days at Cambridge University when Lou Gehrig's disease took over his body and he became quadriplegic. He lost control of most of his body, but lucky for him and us it didn't affect his fascinating mind.While he was studying to get his B.A. at Cambridge him and his physics teacher Dennis Sciama formed a very close friendship. Dennis stood by Stephen while the disease took over his body. Dennis taught him to love astrophysics and showed him everything there was to learn. Stephen admired Dennis for what he did for him, and to this day he still tells people how much he looked up to him.After Stephen graduated from Cambridge with his B.A., Stephen went on to enroll at the prestigious Oxford University. He continued his studying there until he graduated in 1966 with a Ph.D.Stephen finished his first book, "Properties of the expanded Universe", in 1966. After that book was published Stephen started books on a theory he had called "The Back Hole Theory". He has written dozens of books on "The Black Hole Theory": "The Quantum Mechanics of Holes", "Black Hole Explosions", "The Large Scale Structure of Space-Time", and "Black Holes in Space", are just a few of the outstanding books he has written.I guess your wondering what exactly "The Black Hole Theory" is. Well let me explain as best as I can. The theory is that a star that explodes expels some of its matter; the remaining matter collapses and causes an enormous gravitational pull. The pull is so strong that not even light can escape it. The Black Hole is estimated to be so large that it can swallow large planets like peas.Through the years Stephen Hawking has written books and Theories that have allowed him to be known by scholars not only in England, but also around the world. It's amazing how one man who has never lived anywhere but England can show the world his intelligent, and if that's not enough he has been quadriplegic for 30years and it hasn't effect his study that much at all. He has helped us expand our knowledge and insight beyond what we thought we could achieve, and for that we owe him our gratitude.One thing about Stephen Hawking that inspires me is that he never was afraid to show what was on his mind. Stephen has crossed the barrier between reality and mind on numerous occasions, and every time he does, he gets closer and closer to the truth.I chose to do my researcher on Stephen Hawking because he has inspired me in many ways. One of the ways that he has inspired me is to believe in myself, and to always believe that everything is possible. I mean just look at Stephen, he is a man who has been quadriplegic since he was in college at Cambridge, yet he has accomplished...

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