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Stephen King: Not Just An Author Of Horror

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Stephen King is best known for his graphic horror stories, whether they be novels or short stories. Many say that he is not one of the greatest authors of all time even though he has a fan base spanning from three generations and has written over fifty books. Although he is best known for his novels, he also has many bestselling short stories and numerous movies. King does not necessarily have to use gore and horror to get people to buy his works. His short stories in “Everything’s Eventual” is a good example of this. He uses his word choices and characters to take the simplest of stories and turn them into a complex and multi-level story. However, his writing style has changed over time and as he has gotten older he has veered away from all the dark horror stories. He has many components that make these stories the way they are that does not include horror. He uses obsessions, depression, and hell as themes. He still uses eerie atmospheres that make these stories still just as dark.
King was born in September 1947 in Portland, Maine. He grew up without his father in his life and he and his mother moved around numerous times trying to make-do on low income jobs. Finally, landing in Durham, Maine where his grandparents lived. As a young boy he was not a fan of sports and wore big thick glasses. He enjoyed reading and listening to the radio about horror stories. He began writing in high school and sent many of them to sci-fi magazines and won first place in an essay contest. During this time he began playing football and joined a rock band as the guitarist.
When he graduated from high school he received a scholarship to the University of Maine where he studied English. He married Tabitha Spruce in 1971 and he still is married to her to this day. While in college he published two short stories that he profited a large sum of $70 from. King found it difficult to make a living off of just writing stories so he took an English teaching job at Hampden Academy. After getting frustrated about writing and throwing out a manuscript, his wife retrieved it and pushed him to send to the editor of Doubleday. This action resulted in “Carrie”, his first novel, being published which sold for about $400,000. Then in 1976, Brian De Palma took the novel and made it into a film. He quit his teaching job and put all his time into writing. Shortly after he and New American Library signed a multimillion dollar contract.
Stephen King’s “Everything’s Eventual: 14 Dark Tales” published in 2002 is a collection of short stories that “were, according to King’s foreword, arranged by chance.” (Quigley). Some of the short stories can be related very closely to the other, while others stand completing on their own. However, “the titles of these stories alone give the “dark” connotation Stephen King is known for” (Lips). And they definitely show how well King keeps you entertained and helps you get on a whole new level so that you can truly see into the minds of his strange,...

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