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Stephen King was one most of the popular American authors in history. He was

born in Portland, Marine on Sept 21, 1947. He was raised by his mother, Nellie Pillsbury,

and his father, Donald King. Today, Stephen King and his wife, Tabitha King, are living

in Florida. “He and Tabitha Spruce married in January of 1971. He met Tabitha in the

stacks of the Fog Library at the University of Maine at Orono, where they both worked as

students.” (King) He published his first horror novel while study at the University.

“While at college, King supported his education and family’s hard pressed finance by

taking small jobs and selling stories to various magazines.” During his early career, he

was famous for a series of horror novel called, “Dark Tower Stories”. In the late 1990s,

he was injured by a car crash which resulted in a very bad condition in his leg and lung,

too (“Stephen Edwin King”). Now, he and his wife support local community charities

and a scholarship for local high school students in Florida (King). Stephen King show of

his life where it has influences of his writing and how it did impact many people.

King’s fascination with honor of fact his writing throughout his career. The first

evidence of Stephen King being very interest in horror showed in his work in his early

education (“Stephen Edwin King”). He read a scary comic book which affected how he

wrote (“Biography of Stephen King”). “Much of King’s early works were science fiction

based, but because he lacked the scientific grounding, they tended to be a bit thin on

detail, but still excellent for someone of his age.” Later, he combined science fiction and

fantasy in his writing to have more effective scary literature (“Stephen Edwin King”). As

his life influenced his writing, it is evidence in one most that is a bestselling novel.

The most popular novel that Stephen King wrote is “The Stand” (Cruz). Here’s

the summary of this popular novel from Stephen King. The story tells about the worst flu

disease called the ultimate flu that spreads across North America, mostly in the U.S

(Cruz). This devastating disease spreads and eliminates almost all population, except a

family who escape from that disease. But one of the family members didn’t know that he

carried the dangerous flu virus with them and that it will continue to spread to more of

the population across remaining North America (“Stand: The Complete & Uncut

Edition”). In post-apocalyptic N.A., as a result of dangerous viruses that was spread, the

people who survive are broken down into factions. One is chosen a god elderly, while

others are chosen as a dark faction (“Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition”). This

results in conflict between good and evil over the world (Cruz). Knowing the summary

of this novel, gives insight into why the story is popular all over the country and earns

praise author or...

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