Stephen King: The Master Of Horror

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Stephen King: The Master of Horror

"The most haunted of houses is the human mind."
-Patrick McGrath

When you read that quote, what does it make you think? Well, it makes me think of one thing. It makes me think of all of the terrifying stories I’ve read by the master of the macabre himself, Stephen Edwin King. His mind has conjured up countless novels and short stories to do none other than to scare you out of your mind. His style and vivid detail meticulously planted in every work he does is the reason for such reactions to his horrific books. I invite you to come and discover the man behind the horror and learn what inspires him to write such imaginative novels and short stories.
Stephen Edwin King was born in Portland Maine in the year of 1947(Beahm 1). He has led a very interesting life, and as you will soon see, he has also had his high and low points. The following documentation on King’s life has changed my mind about King. I now think of him as a normal human being instead of someone higher than me.
One of the interesting things of his life is that at the young age of twelve King had begun his writing career. King and his older brother owned their very own newspaper. The paper sold for five cents a copy and was full of local news and fictional works by King (Beahm 2). I found this to be quite humorous. I can see two kids sitting at the mimeograph machine printing out their very own five cent newspaper.
When King was at the impressionable age of four, something occurred that King would hold with him for a very long time. King’s family life was typical, for the fifties. King’s mother stayed at home and took care of the home while the father worked. Stephen’s mother and father loved both Stephen and his brother Danny very much. Although one night his father stepped out to buy a pack of cigarettes and he was never seen or heard from again after that night. This, as you can imagine, had a very profound effect on the young Stephen King. He recalled in his autobiographical work "Danse Macabre" that he hardly remembers seeing his mother for the next nine years after his fathers disappearance. His mother worked as hard as she could just to make ends meet (Beahm 1) . When I learned about this particular struggle in King’s life I couldn’t help but to empathize with him. I couldn’t picture growing up without my father. I can’t imagine how much emptiness he must have felt.
Stephen Said that he was first introduced to horror when he was a meager seven years of age. He sat, one night, in the hallway next to his mother’s room and he was eavesdropping on a radio show that his mother faithfully listened to every week. The show was a radio adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s story "Mars is Heaven." He said that he was terrified (King 116). He said "I slept in the doorway where the real and rational light of the bathroom could shine on my face." He also said that the radio show was worded in such ways that you...

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