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Steven Allan Spielberg was born on December 18, 1946, in Cincinnati, Ohio. (According to He was born in a Jewish Hospital because of his parent’s religion. Spielberg had three younger sisters that he constantly terrorized by playing very original practical jokes on. His mother, Leah Posner, was a concert pianist; but quit when she married Arnold Spielberg. Mr. Spielberg, Steven’s father, was a radio operator and served in World War 2. After the war he got a degree in electronics and began to work long and hard, meaning he did not have much time for his family. (According to Steven Spielberg; Amazing Filmmaker; by Jim Hargrove; Copyrighted in 1988)Spielberg’s father had originally wanted him to become an engineer; fortunately for the public he did not a much talent in science, yet he loved new technology. When he was younger Spielberg also read every science fiction magazine he could find. (According to Trailblazers of the Modern World; Steven Spielberg; by Geoffrey M. Horn; Copyrighted in 2002.) One thing that Spielberg and his father had in common was their love to make movies. He would always find his father’s home videos boring and began to make his own home videos. Eventually he would even stage trips he told a reporter in 1978.Because of Spielberg’s father’s occupation the family was forced to move all over the country. The place that Spielberg truly calls home, though, is Arizona. In 1963 Spielberg and his family move to California where has remained until today. When he was sixteen years old his parents got a divorce. He and his sisters were devastated. During the summer of 1965 Spielberg took a tour of Universal Studios, he snuck off the tour bus and talked to a producer. The next day he came back with some of his home videos. The producer said that he didn’t have the authority to allow any more visits so Spielberg snuck onto the premises dressed as a businessman for many more months. He went to college in 1967 at California State College in Long Beach, where he studied as an English major. Even while he was in college Spielberg spent more time at the studios then in classes. He managed to squeeze his courses into two days. (This information is from Heinemann Profiles; Steven Spielberg; by Sean Connolly; Copyrighted in 1999)In 1968 Steven wrote and directed his first 35 mm film. Which is the type of film used by professionals. It was called Amblin’. The film was twenty-two minutes long, and silent. He, surprisingly, was able to make up in profits the money needed to produce the film and it in turn won awards at film festivals in Venice and Atlanta. Eventually it was aired commercially. The success of...

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