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Steps In My Writing Process Essay

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Everyone has different techniques in their writing process. Some people analyze the prompt and others simply glance over it. Although, everyone is taught the same writing process they still have their own way of writing. In order to make their paper standout, they need to think creatively. Writing can be a piece of cake or difficult for students. Many students pay attention to certain steps more. I pay more attention to brainstorming ideas, but sometimes in order to be an effective writer I need to focus on everything as a whole. Everyone has their own twist when developing their essay like analyzing the prompt, brainstorming, and proofreading.
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For instance, not making an outline can affect the outcome of your essay. Making an essay flow is important, because the reader won’t be thrown off from the messy format. Having all your thoughts organized and ready to go can help make your essay flow. When the outline is complete, I then come up with my thesis statement. Writing the thesis statement after the brainstorming and outlining can give you a good sense of how your essay will turn out. The thesis statement needs to have a good hook to catch the reader, so having all the information before the thesis statement can only help your essay.
Once analyzing, brainstorming, and outlining is complete it’s time to write. Beginning the writing process is the hardest for me. The beginning of each paragraph is difficult, especially when I know what I want to say, but don’t know how to write it. It is hard to write what I want to express in each paragraph. Time is either my savior or my enemy I prefer not to be rushed when I’m writing. Some people can write for days in a limited time and others need time to process and think, like me. I tend to overthink everything when I’m writing and that usually gets in the way and puts a stop to my writing. I constantly reread every paragraph and write and then reread again. Rereading also gets in the way of finishing a timed essay. Writing becomes easier when there is no stress present. After all the distractions are gone writing becomes easier.
Immediately after I am finished writing my complete essay, I proofread. Proofreading comes in different forms while some people look for any mistakes that pops up I try to proofread two different ways. Looking over your essay only once can make it seem like you...

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