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Steps To Applying Makeup Essay

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Zetouna 1Angela ZetounaProfessor Tyler ThompsonEnglish 109 MW 9:30-11:2030 September 201310 Easy Steps to Looking Effortlessly FlawlessEveryday I meet girls who do not wear makeup on an everyday basis, not even a dab of lipstick or a small coat of mascara. Some women say they do not have time to apply makeup in the early hours of the morning before work or school. Others claim they do not want to look too 'cakey' and just go with a natural face. More often than any other excuse I hear is that most women simply never learned the basics of applying makeup. In 10 easy steps I will teach you how to easily apply natural looking makeup without looking overdone. Step One: To begin you must gather ...view middle of the document...

For example, if your foundation is labeled 120, you should purchase a 110 concealer. Concealer is dotted and blended on with your finger. You must target the concealer on any blemishes, dark spots, and under eye circles.Step Three: Next you will put on your liquid foundation. This step is very crucial because if it is overdone it could look very 'cakey' and unnatural. The shade of foundation must match your skin tone exactly. Apply it in dots over the center of your face with your foundation brush. Now, blend this evenly all over your entire face with the foundation brush until it is fully covered.Step Four: After foundation, the next step is applying loose or pressed powder. Using a fluffy powder brush is essential when applying powder. This step is very simple and easy. Distribute the powder all over your face to make it look smooth and natural over the foundation. The less you use the more natural of a look you will get.Step Five: Now it is time to apply bronzer. Bronzer contours and highlights your face. Bronzer also gives you a sun kissed look and highlights you cheekbones. You apply bronzer on areas of the face that the sun naturally hits. First apply it with a contouring brush on your 'T' zone, which is across your forehead, and down your nose. Applying the bronzer to the 'T' zone makes your face to look skinnier by displaying the structure of your face.Step Six: Following the application of bronzer, the next step is applying eyeliner. This can be done with a few different eyeliner products. You can use a cake eyeliner with a damp, thin liner brush, or eyeliner pencil. Only line the outer two-thirds of the lower lid, or all the way through if you want a more deep, dark look. When applying liner on the top of your lid you must line it all the way across. The thicker and more dramatic the line, the more deep and unnatural you will look.Step Seven: After applying eyeliner comes the most important step to most women. At this...

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