Steps To Choose The Best Power Generation Technology University Of Colorado Boulder/ Enen 4600 Assignment

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Muhammad? ?Haffizi? ?Abdul? ?Rahman
ENEN? ?4600
Writing? ?Assignment? ?2
Currently there are various electricity generation technologies available in the
industry. However, there is no standardized methodology that can be used to evaluate
energy sector sustainability. As a result, researchers have to customize the approaches
depending on the specific objectives of the project. Hence, the purpose of the reading is
to analyse sustainability assessments for electricity generation technologies and to
introduce their ranking based on their compatibility with the sustainable development of
the industry, by utilizing MCDA method. Multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) is the
most? ?widely? ?used? ?to? ?quantitatively? ?measure? ?energy? ?sustainability.
There are four main stages involved in the research methodology. The first stage
is selection of electricity generation technologies to be assessed, by reducing the
options to only 14 unit types that use different source of fuel. The next stage is to select
and evaluate the sustainability indicators of the electricity generation technologies. The
initial step of this stage is to review several independent or primary sets of indicators
and other constructs which were derived from the original sets. This step also fully
utilized the four classification of sustainability indicators, which are social, economic,
environmental and technological. The third stage of the methodology is the weighting of
the sustainability indicators. This is done by quantifying them through the use of
different weights when calculating the ranking scores. It also adapted the SWING
method and made made surveys of energy academics. The final stage is the
sustainability ranking of the electricity generation technologies by using multi-attribute
utility? ?method.
The results from the research methodology can be classified into three
subsections. The first subsection is the valuation process of the sustainability indicators.
Several considerations are used to accurately characterize the technologies, based on
the four classification of sustainability indicators. The considerations are levelized cost
of electricity (LCOE), ability to respond to demand, efficiency, capacity factor, land use,
external cost from both environmental and human health aspect, job creation, social
acceptability and external supply risk. The next subsection is the weighting of
sustainability indicators....

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