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Steps To Making A Career Plan

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This background report describes the student career planning that can help them to manage their learning and development process. The report focuses on different steps to make a career plan such as knowing yourself, finding out, making decisions and talking action to be the main points in your career plan. Knowing your self is to explore your skills, interests and motivations to set your goals of work and education. The finding out step is to explore the careers, education fields as well as determine your weakness to have variety of options whether in career or learning areas. The third step is making decisions by choosing the career that match with your skills, interests ...view middle of the document...

At the end of this step you will have a good idea about your learning and career choice.

Finding out:
This step is about searching the career opportunities as well as the learning areas that match with your interest. Furthermore, you should gather all the information’s as well as collect, explore, and organize all available opportunities. At the same time, try to see how your skills match with the career or learning opportunities to determine the skills gaps you have and how to fill up these gaps. For example, if you have a weakness in computer skills you can enter a training course to strength this skill. After that, analyze the opportunities and list a favored occupations or learning options. Plus, you should not choose your future career based on your family choice or the society. You must try to convince them about your choice and what your dream is because you will live with that choice your entire life.

Making decisions:
The Making decision step of the career planning process is to compare between your skills, interests and motivations with the information you collected about the career to see what suit you best. Asking yourself what are the best work options do I have? How do they match with my skills, interests and motivations that I want? Besides putting all the advantages and the disadvantages of each option you have in your consideration. Finally, decide what can you do about it and who can help you. That’s will assist you to minimize your options and have a clearer idea of what you need to do next to reach your goals.

Talking action:
Here you start to be proactive with your career plan and do what’s necessary to achieve your goals. Furthermore, you should combine between your skills and interests with the information’s you gathered to make a plan of action. Asking yourself what is the actions that could help me to reach my goals. For example, if you choose an engineering field as a career you should have a plan to enter one of...

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