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What steps can be taken to create internal happiness? I have struggled through much of the last year asking myself this question. I will give you a little insight as to why I asked this question, and what I have found to be true. In addition, to research I have obtained due to the strong desire to find the answers to this question.
Last year I lost three main people in my adult life. My grandmother who passed away from cancer, my grandfather who passed away from old age, and my great-grandmother who passed of a heart attack in her sleep. Although all of these members of my family were older and as they age it is inevitable they will pass away. I struggled with the problems in my ...view middle of the document...

This is a very difficult type of cancer due to the impact this has on the personality and wherever a tumor is putting pressure on the brain. Here is an example if a brain tumor is growing and causing pressure on the frontal lobe for instance, this will cause confusing, dizziness, and nausea. I was also working at a desk where I was unable to get outside and socialize with other people which were all leading to these feelings of loneliness. After my grandmother passed away in November I had to make some significant changes in order to continue to be happy. First, I needed to change my focus in my career choices to provide for an atmosphere that provided for my "well-being". I gave the best effort that I could in the position I held in Marketing. I sold as many insurance plans as possible to avoid my loss and internal struggles. However, even with this added momentum, I still struggled due to the fact that my boss was continuously telling me that I wasn't a good fit. So, I quit. At first, I had a couple of weeks were I was mad and felt that life wouldn't get any better. Then I realized that I needed to get back into school. School is my outlet, this allows for getting my mind off of the heavier parts of life and focus on my education. Reaching the goal of graduation provides me with the inertia to continue and put forth my utmost efforts while maintaining a happy prospective.
Secondly, through this process of healing and walking the path to happiness personally; I also did research online for how to maintain a happy lifestyle. Especially important to me and not too hard to change was, lifestyle. Now, as explained earlier in this paper I had a job where I sat a lot at a desk. In addition, to sitting so much, I was also not eating very well both of those behaviors tend to show a bit of laziness as well as depression. So, I decided to change my diet. I removed all sugar and salt from my diet which immediately didn't feel very good, followed by headaches and body pains as I can remember. However, over about a week’s time I started to have more energy. Which ultimately led to more exercise and fresh air. The websites that I read and studied for this period of loss are listed below and provided me with so many resources and have personally when applied, created a much healthier and happier outlook on life.
Third in this process of rejuvenation was...

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