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Steps To Starting Own Website Essay

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Do you already have a domain name?
If not you can do a quick search on a search engine to find a company that offers domains. Domain names aren’t that much normally per year. You can get a private domain where none of your information is displayed on the net. You can also get a secured site certificate if needed for a that does online sales. After you decide on the domain registrar you can search google for a promotional code (promo code) and I’m sure you can find even better discounts to get that domain. There are also so many different TLD’s available such as .com, .net, .org, .us, .biz, .mobi, .me and many, many more! So anything’s possible with all of the options available online.

What are the best tactics in finding the right web host?
Well the first thing to consider is how much space do you think you will need to start? How much traffic do you think you’ll have at first? If you are a ...view middle of the document...

Most new bloggers use free blog scripts that come free in a lot of control panels for their hosting company. When using blog sites you can usually upload your photos right in the posting panel, they upload right there. Uploading photos especially if they are bigger in file size they will take up space fast.

Is there a way to save on space and not upload directly to my blog?
There are numerous options available for you to use 3rd party photo hosting websites to upload your photos to and copy a special code to your blog. That can make things easier, but you do have to know how to enter that special code into your blog post with it being in HTML mode. Some people do not know how to do these types of things at first. Again this is something else you could search for and you will find answers! It’s really not that hard once you have done it a few times.

How can you find companies?
Do another search for professional business web hosting and see what comes up. Do not just chose one and that’s it. You should look at the different professional hosting sites and see what their plans cost, do they offer good support available 24 hours a day?

Does this professional company have a good rating?
Look for reviews on the company see what others are saying about them. If they are good then see if they offer a free trial, that’s another good way to try someone’s service and see how good it really is. I always check reviews for everything!

Now that I have Hosting and Domain what do I do?
Whether you're a personal site owner or business site owner if you do a quick search for blog scripts or web design you’ll have no problem finding someone to help with this. Now if you know your web hosting includes 3rd party install scripts they are gonna be found in your control panel, look through there for anything to do with installing scripts or blog. Your script install will come with a generic theme usually, which is your sites look and design. You can now search again for specific kind of script you installed for themes or web designers.

I hope this has helped you along with the process of what to do when you want to start your own website.

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